Independant Woman

Woke up being all for the ladies this morning. I’m no longer interested in my plight to find a British Boyfriend as i am under the misconception that English boys are too shy, move too slow, too closed off and  honestly…a bit girly…until i am proven otherwise. Never have i ever been treated so disrespectfully by boys, than i have over here in good old blighty. I grew up dating in LA, have been romanced by the most wonderful men. I love how they go about it. I adore their openness, their ‘no fear’ attitude. I enjoy the way they treat women…like we are the ulitmate objects of their affection and i believe the Los Angeles way of dating, is far superior to the dating scene in England. (I’m not being narrow minded. It’s just my personal opinion…and i’m usually always wrong.) I think i have more in common with them. Don’t get it twisted. I love England. I love being here and i LOVE the men. Yet there is definitely no way, that there’ll be someone that i’ll actually want to have join me in my life forever. However, loads that i could probably have a lot of fun with. (Wink, wink.) Or just have as friends. Bring it! I guess, i’m a lot more ‘independant girl’ than i ever thought i was. It feels great! (She purrs.) I feel powerful. (Sick bitch!)

So this one male, who i recently had a ‘bedroom shuffle’ with has basically ‘done a runner.’ He’s told me i’m ‘amazing,’ how much he cares about me, and how he would love to be with me….y’know misses me and all that jazz. (We’ve all heard it before ladies.) And now to back up his merry words…(haha) he has disappeared, is ignoring my phone calls, has deleted me from his Facebook Friends list (HAHAHAH..OMG. How dare he!!) And is closing the door on The Wunna. I can’t help but chuckle. But it’s bad right? Especially since i was so sweet to him. I’m like such an spasticated idiot. I don’t mind a bit of a drunk ‘one nighter’ at all. It happens…a lot. But don’t tell a girl (and at the end of the day i’m a hopeless girly girl) that it’s so much more. I’m usually okay, if i know the score. Yet i hate being lied to. But only when i fall for it.  However, saying that…i can’t really judge. I’ve done a whole lot worse than that. ( I wish i never gave him that blow job now.) No really. He’s a good guy…underneath 10 feet of crap.

So last night, i was twittering online…like i often do. I feel like i’m a computer geek, clevery disguised as a waste of space Bimbo. Oh for those of you calling me a ‘Bimbo’ i’m not…i’m probably one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.  (Blow those thrumpets!) I have levels, and stories flooding out of my arse. If you think i have no ‘substance,’ then it’s not really a fault in ‘my depth’ and merely a fault in your observational skills.  Look a little harder. However i do have  the ‘bimbo’ in me. All girls do. I think it’s fun, it’s femme and it’s definitely a big part of my existance. I’m a little bit of everything, in one juicy 5ft 2 ridiculously glamourous package and YOU LOVE it. Well most of you do!

This pervert last night, sends me an IM on facebook, telling me i’m ‘hot’ and wants to ask me a personal question. I love personal questions, so i let people ask them. I try to be as candid as possible. Anyway all it was, was ‘how big are yout tits?’  (*yawn.*) I didn’t really think too much of it. He was just some loser, with a boner online right? Then he asks (every so politely,) whether he could get personal pictures of my ‘bits’ emailed to him. (Romantic right? ) I abrupty DENY his advances, with a simple yet firm ,’NO.’ And out of nowhere….he gets his period, gets his knickers in a twist and sends me this: well fuck u then. (ok, if i must.) You wanna know why you have so many random men adding you? (Not really, No.) Cos we all just want to fuck you. (Whooppee. I knew there was a God.) Nobody gives a shit about you. (You meany weany) Infact, you are actually fucking ugly. (Like a stiletto to my heart!!) ha ha. (rejoice!)

Oh my god, pipe down Princess!!  (Hilarious!) All i said was ‘NO.’ JESUS CHRIST!!  He lost it completely and that’s what i have to deal with on a daily basis, from the boys in Britian. He like wants me dead and like for ‘ugliness,’ because i refuse to entertain his inbox. He believes i’m one of these, ‘think i’m better than everyone else’ girls. (And i do.) No really. I don’t think i’m better than EVERYONE else. I just think i’m better than YOU (Tony Davies on facebook.)

My blog is read my hundreds of thousands of boys all over the world. Yes America and England. America being my main audience….like this last Februaury…i hit the hundreds of thousands mark in the USA alone. But also Egypt, Kenya, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Canada, Russia, Kuwait, Iran, Australia…EVERY WHERE!! I get messages from males all over the world on a daily. So i’m learning a lot about men and fast. And let me tell you girls,  the men in America are as of right now the sweetest, the most honest and respectful. The boys in Europe (the sunny parts) send the most sexually suggestive and romantic messages. Oh and lots of shirtless pictures!!  (Love it…you hot little treasures) And the boys in Britain are the boys, who do the most sneeky online cheating. I get lots of ‘ girlfriend will kill me but…‘ or ‘i have a wife and kids, but fantasize about you, please meet me.’ Sick isn’t it! And it’s a lot worse than that.

So Girls please find the ‘Independant’ in you!! This guy at a club the other night, who was trying to take me home, (not to show his Mother, but to merely show his penis,) was so frustrated over the fact that i was in an ‘Old- school Destiny’s child, i just don’t care about men’ buzzland. Then he started to preach. (Worst thing you can ever do, in a bar!)  He told me that no matter what,’ Every man needs a woman, and every woman needs a man.’ I disgree. Everyone just needs someone. And that someone is someone they can love and trust unconditionally. It has nothing to do with gender and nothing to do with sex. I feel whole, so get out of my pathway, unless you’ve seriously got something to offer. Deal!

Chrissie Wunna

6 thoughts on “Independant Woman”

  1. your amazing babes….you dont need a man and friends are more important ..go if i ever herd anyone sayin anythin bad about u i would think oh my god how can they and i would flatten them ….your so cool and people are just jealous of u and i get the same people are jealous of me aswell and i can relate to most things on your blog ….most men are just on this planet for one thing , to empty thier balls well they need castration most of them it would be so much fun haha …

  2. Yeah lets do it!! Is that jail time?? lol

    Thanx shaun. U are a breath of fresh air and i now adore you. Means a great deal!! I’m glad u can relate to my blog, as i really just empty the nonsense out of my head. It’s kinda like my therapy. But yeah, i’m having a hard time with the Brit boys right now, and not the good kind of ‘hard.’ (she winks.)

    So do people hate on you??

  3. i think u are looking in the wrong areas for british geezers chrissie i think u would love the fellas on the manor we aint shy and we are ambitius we just aint going ot the gaffes u are babe but i hope everythnig turns out cushtie for u chrissie coz u do deserve to be happy coz u are a diamond best of luck in everythnig babe

  4. No i met a bunch of essex boys already on a train. Yeah they were actually pretty funny, and forward. Really sweet to me and cheeky…which i like!! But they kinda love a little glamour girl a bit too much and look like they get up too alsorts of ‘can get u knocked off designer handbags’ trouble!

  5. i love your telling it how it is chrissie but i want ot be able to prove u wrong for mugging english geezers i cant make u right on saying we are sneaky and not on the level coz i and everyone i kjnow is honest john


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