In the mood for love.


Happy Sunday, my merry lumps of sweet stuffs!

How did ya sleep? Great? Shitty? Who cares? We’ve been gifted with another day, so if you totally sinned last night and found yourself waking up to someone you shouldn’t have, or if you’ve had to wheel yourself into work, if you’re doing the ‘walk of shame’ (and without bunny ears…when I was 18, it always seemed to be in bunny ears,) or if you found yourself in that club that you never want to end up in, because your feet stick to the floor…right now, it doesn’t matter! It’s a new day, a clean slate. Too many people dwell on yesterday or yesteryear and let me tell you, it’s unhealthy for you. Move forward., live, yet be moderately responsible and extremely good to yourself always.

I worked my arse off all night. I was designing and ordering flyers and promo material for my gift bags and the lashes. It went on until 13 minutes past midnight, meaning that I’m totally in ‘riches’ mode. My carriage  didn’t turn into a pumpkin. I had both slippers on and my dress was still divine.

I actually had the most marvellous lay in this morning, with my little girl laid right by my side. We chatted, we got dressed, we danced to hip hop tarcks that we totally inappropriate for a Sunday morning and most of all…we loved. It’s been a great morning.

AND…MY RASH IS STARTING TO FINALLY FUCKING DISAPPEAR! For the first time in weeks…it has finally started to disappear!!! Now, because i did everything under the sun…prayed, got massaged, rested, drank, creamed up, meditated to pan pipes, took pills, chilled, ‘girl timed’ and everything in between…I mean for fucks sake I almost read the Bible and smeared myself in Holy Water…I don’t actually know what has aided it’s recovery. However, i do think that telling my Doctor mum and her giving me the correct cream has helped. 🙂 Why didn’t think of that n the first place? The rash is not gone yet…but it’s on it’s way ‘bye bye.’ My friends actually believe it’s because i’m less stressed this weekend, my period is over and i managed to be productive, meaning that as i ticked things off my ‘to do’ list, a tiny bit of rash eased off my neck and disappeared. Sending  those 70 pairs of lashes out made a difference. I only have one more box to send and ‘DA DAAAAAA,’ i’ve done it!

Even though i come across as ‘bimbo’ i’m quite a driven lady…and well i hate being unproductive. I enjoy to achieve. I hate it when i can’t get everything done. Don’t get me wrong, i have MASSIVE BIMBO MOMENTS. That’s what’s charming about me.

I remember having this romantic dinner with this boy i was sort of dating in LA, called ‘Ryan.’ All my LA friends know the ‘Ryan’ tale. I even had the word ‘MARCH’ tattooed on the inside of my left arm. That was his last name. We weren’t even in a serious relationship. I just liked him and wanting him to know that I believed in him. (Code for: I was a young, foolish,ballsy,  in love girl. 🙂 When i was in Hollywood, i felt quite popular in my circle, o i almost felt like i was invincible. I was applauded for doing stupid things.)

Shit, anyway…he sat at dinner. It was dark, we were at The Sofitel, having some casual, yet swanky dinner. (Everything i do casually is usually swanky, so for me, this is moment was just normal, not special.) Anyway, Steve Urwin, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ had just died…that was the time of life and we were talking about fish or something shit like that. Anyway, he said that i was a bizarre creature because there were times where I would say the most amazingly smart things, to the point where I blow his utter mind with intellect and genius. Yet at the same time, I would whop out a stonker and DO, PERFORM or SAY,  the most BIMBO acts of idiocy that he had ever heard or seen and by accident. But whatever, he really liked me…even if he did nearly get run over my a powder lemon VW beetle on Kings Rd. It was one of those moments where he hadn’t seen me in ages and spotted me across the street, a busy road kinda street. Instead of looking, his excitement got the better of him and he just ran. That’s when the Beetle nearly got him.

Anyway…yeah. What was I saying? Shit, i have no clue what I was saying? We’ll just put a line under all that and call me ‘Fabulous.’ You can tell i’m missing LA right now as i’m talking about my past. It’s because i’ve named my lash styles after my favourite LA boys, who are my closest and most dearest friends out there…and probably in life really. I miss them and want to be near them. I want to go back, but can’t yet. It’s annoying. I did a lot of work on promotional material last night, which involved looking through pictures of ‘my boys’ and my lashes. All these awesome memories an stories flooded through my brain box, as i skipped through pictures to send to Cosmopolitan. I miss them lots. So, i’m glad that i named my first ever lashes after my favourite people on this earth. I’ll tell you more about them later! In fact through the week!

Today, I have a family day. I’m taking the babies out to lunch. I’m waiting for Junior to get home and then we’re OFF!

Having a better looking neck, meaning now that my rash has decided to begin to disappear, I’m back in the mood for love. I want to be with someone amazing and i can’t find him anywhere????? I’m in the mood. I want romance. Maybe because we’re headed into Spring and we have a Valentines day coming up…where I won’t have a date! In fact, you will get t WIN A DATE for Valentines with me. (Lucky you.)

So, i’m off to get coffee, but i’ll tune in later.

Have a great Sunday.


Me x


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