Imma a Diva, Love & Sass!


Life is dipped in fabulousity right now. I’m feeling on top form and sassy. I’m whizzed in a deliciousness and ‘Wazzoood’ in delight. I’m feeling all independent and like Wunna statues should be built of me in places that the masses just go ahead and worships, after consuming edible, glitter sausage rolls 😉

I don’t know what’s happened, but i’ve gotten really busy and I’m GREAT when i’m busy because once you find yourself with a down pour of stuff to do and conquer with a wink, you become more organized and certainly dynamic. I am THAT right now. I’m batting it right out the ball park…in heels. I’m plate spinning and doing it with ease! Hold onto your clutches…the rest of year the goes well.

Work was great today. Again, told you, i’m feeling on top form. I’m around great people. I’m feeling powerful and productive, which always makes any girl that little bit sexier. I’m not dull with it though, I hate it when people are ‘dull with it,’ i’m fun and that is something that I just can’t help. It runs through my sassy system…like the meander of pina colada. *Conga line here.*

Today i learnt that teenage boys are bizarre creatures, I strutted out the office today and had to power totter through a bunch of teens , kicking a ball against historical features, who insisted on whistling and telling me to ‘shake my ass,’ via the fine art of choir. Yes, they sang it at me, repeatedly. If i actually did they would DIE. My bums old enough to be their Mother. Yet all that doesn’t bother me. They’re young, annoying and having fun. The only part i actually noticed, was the part where in which one teen guy on a bicycle, pulled up to the side of me, before i slipped into the alley to my car (as his friends did the naughty shoutouts) and all blushy and shy, filled with politeness and quietness, smiled and whispered ‘sorry.’ In that moment he made the world right.

Then i had the most awesome drive home to Ricky Martin and an appointment with a glass of wine. (This was after i was forced to make what felt like 100 portions of scrambled eggs for my loin fruit, in a pinstriped shirt.)

I don’t have anything else to say really other than, why are people and that sometimes includes myself so guarded when it comes to love? You get nothing out of life if you don’t go for it. Dipping your toe in the pool is still dull. Jumping off the cliff into the ocean into a safe and delicious sea of the unknown, with FAITH is how we should go about living.

I 10 percent have my guard up (but let’s face it, like the best of us, that’s just classed as smart, as we’ve all had ‘MUG’ glitter stamped on our forehead before. I CERTAINLY have. But i’m not a grudge holder. I’m good with Cupid…so i’ll give him another shot. Lol.) I do try and play it cool, but i always end up just being expressive, and ‘cool’ goes out the window. What you see, is unfortunately what you get! Haha. And i don’t even mean it in a ‘i’m so real’ sense. I mean it in an ‘it is the best thing and worst thing’ about me sense. And obviously i think it’s greatness, a good quality…even though i can be a little harsh at times…but I’m on the whole just a love bunny.

I do think guys should be more ballsy though. I always expect a guy to do the chasing. That’s romantic and manly of them. And even though i’n quite independant, it’s the chasey ones that get me every time. I like it because i’m not used to it. They may ‘like’ a photo, (and i’m flatteed by that) but they get more terrified if anything and i have no clue why?

I’m into a ‘go for it’ attitude.

It’s far sexier than twiddling ya thumbs, on the fence with a Digestive.









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