I’m too busy to do this tomorrow!!!

Okay, so i’ve just got back from a quick late night shopping session, i still feel like shit, yet because i’m gonna be ‘oh so too busy and important’ tomorrow, i am writing you this blog, and basically so i don’t have to hear you bitch and moan.

I’m about to go to bed….each night before i do, i check my email, whilst i’m tucked inbetween my sheets. I’m happy because my ‘Latin Lover’ emailed me sweet words of lurve, yet i’m sad because i feel like a miserable cow today…as you’ve probably noticed. Tomorrow, i’ll be chipper, as i’m having to rise at some unGodly hour, therefore 45 cups of milky coffee will be swilling inside my system before 9am. I love my life, it loves me too, and if i wake up to that bloody buddhist chanting tape, i will be forced to gauge my eye out…and that too will have to happen before 9am. A bit messy really.

I’m starting to get bored with my job. (here we go) But really i am. I mean it’s fun, yet there’s only so much of it you can do until it’s just the same old, same old… i want something new and exciting to happen. It’s about to, however that also, after a couple months will become a snooze fest i predict. Who cares, i’m lucky right now, and i’m gonna milk my good looks, as much as i possibly can!! I just need to quit moaning, as my life is pretty damn good. It would kind of be better if i was sunning it in LA right now though, and getting Coffee Bean, on 3rd and La Cienega and laying by the pool at The Standard winking at male hotties. But whatever i have to wait ’til summer.

Night night my darlings, i love you sooooooooooooooo much!! xxxx

3 thoughts on “I’m too busy to do this tomorrow!!!”

  1. I Loves You sooo much… I’m gettin’ a lot done and ready for you to get back home.. I miss you crazy butt!!! oxoxoxoxox

    Your Puddin’,


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