I’m Super dooper busy MUCH

Woke up this morning to the 21st birthday of my little baby brother…Jeremy. In my eyes he’ll always be 4. It’s amazing how time actually does fly. I care about my baby brother probably more than I care about myself…which really is a concept that i’m not too familiar with, therefore it was lovely today, that at 7.15am, every single Wunna ran into my Mums room, in our pyjamas, snuggled in her bed and watched my baby brother open his birthday presents! It’s a tradition we keep in the Wunna family. No matter how old, or young you are, you will always be a child, and be gifted with tremendous birthday delights, cuddles and kisses, on the bed of the pack leader…My Mother!

I am inudated rigth now with work, to the point where I haven’t really had time to sit down and blog. I’m even doing this right now, in a spare ten minutes that i don’t really have spare. I’m travelling, i’m working, i’me xhausted, but i’m loving it. I’m really getting my act together, which i’m finding easy now i’ve turned T-Total for a wee while. (yep, not one drop of booze, to calm my flustered mind!) I feel amazing and as a result, my work life is flourishing! I’ve been scheduled a string of early mornings, and late nights, followed with a bundle of love. I don’t think i’ve ever felt happier! I’m on top of the world and proving that you really won’t get anything in life, unless you work hard for it. The more you work, the more chances you take…the faster you will march forward. It’s a discipline, that takes a bit of time to master, but once you have it…you can conquer the world…in heels!

Okay, Saturday, i woke up at 4am, got picked up my a driver in a Mercedes with a rather brilliant sense of humour for that time of the day. Chipper he was..and yes, he wasn’t even on pills! He was posh, delightful, and beamed a smile as though he was the Laughing Buddha of Greatness!

I got to work, quickly groomed. I actually was feeling queezey..r.eally sick. However, i’m not a moaner, i’m a ‘get the job done’ kinda girl, so i winked and pouted, then walked myself onto set, in my frilly knickers and lingerie teddy suit, only to find to young girls, one asian and one tattoeed fake humping on my white boudior pad! Bizarre moment…yet oddly hilarious! I find myself getting more and more shy, the older I get. However, i’m being told, that the more i’m away from pretentious locations, the more I returning to my old, cute, natural self. (Before i became damaged by lady ‘lime-light.’)

I introduced my show, pretended that there wasn’t pretend lesbians next to me ans well did the best I had ever done at work really, for a kitty cat at 5am! As soon as i was done, tottered to the dressing room, quickly got changed, raced out through Camden, leaped on a tube and finally got to Kings Cross in time to jump on an immediate train and venture back to Doncaster!

I open mouthed slept on the train, next to a granny in Bon Marche pink and flowers, with an under bite, and a hair cut like ‘Shaggy’ from Scooby Doo.’ Lovely she was and playing ‘snakes and ladders’ with her boyfriend…who was 65. (Awww.) Whenever my phone *beeped* she always thought it was hers and would try and answer it! Then she’d get pissed off because the person on the other line (who was on MY phone) wasn’t leaving a message. Lol. (I can’t wait til i’m old!)

Got to Doncaster, gave up my seat to a pregnant lady (which you will find ironic shortly…yet not quite yet. lol) I leaped off the train, even though exhausted, found my Mother and we shopped like no other! I was so tired, i couldn’t even WALK.

I got home, got changed, met up with Loverboy (who I ADORE…we are MADLY in LOVE,) and then spent the night cuddling him until midnight. He made me water cress soup and and sat and ate it with his wonderful family, in neon. (:) ) I’ll never learn! I had to go home, because in the morning i was to venture to Leeds, to do an audition dressed like  DOLLY. I pretty much made a decent fool out of myself. I was dressed like a frilly 5 year old, meets Paris Hilton and dancing around doing my *shocked* faces. HAHAHA! Oh Lord. I mimed, i did a photshoot, i ate milk tray and felt weirdly nervous. (It’s important that you still keep auditioning, even if you’ve stepped a little further up the work ladder than most! It keeps you fresh, as audition technique is a whole different thing! The more you do it, the better you get at it. I watched all the girls get very terrified. One even did a runner and another had her Mother with her (who was mouthing the words to her song and doing her dance routine with her.) 🙂

Then they made me take pictures in pastel t-shirts that had dogs on. Funny…cute and odd. But i loved it. (I’ll go into all this later, as i need to rush off. I’m back in London this evening for the rest of the week for work. I have to film in the moring and then do this Channel 5 thing in the afternoon. Long day…Godda go!)

UGH!!! I really wish i had more time! I have so much to tell you. FYI’ LOVERBOY is amazing! We’re house hunting. Woohoo! He looked at me last night, with eyes that suggested that i was all he ever wished for in life. It made me feel amazing. I’m in love!

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