I’m sick bitch!

Uh..i actually feel horrible today. I’m really sick, my head feels like it’s been cleverly stuffed with screwed up newspaper, and i’m having to deal with evil people, who like to take advantage of girls in the Glamour model industry. There’s some cheeky bastards out there and i’ve seen it all…well mainly in LA, where i’ve had penis’s rubbed up against me, mid evening studio session, people taking jobs away from me because i won’t show them my ‘pussy’, (exact quote there)  i’ve been inappropriately felt up, used, fooled, stolen from and drugged..you name it i’ve been through it, so this little morning ‘bouncing cheque’ thing.. is actually a breath of fresh air. Now i think about it, i’m actually happy!…hahahahaha!! Warning those who try to punk me. I have secret ninja abilities..when drunk!  I feel better already. Not really, i feel soooo sick..don’t know what happened? But i’m sure a round of antibiotics will kill it off. It better ‘kill off’ or the big audition, i’m meant to be prepping for, will go horribly wrong!! Typical! Oh i feel like shit! I’m bed ridden, and not good kind Chrissie Wunna in bed….ridden??

What was i going to talk about?? Oh yeah, my boobs. So everyone has given me the big ‘no no flowerpot’ on my getting bigger boobs discussion. I don’t get why?? I’m a lot littler in real life than you would believe. I had a boy come up to me in shock, and say how he thought i would be much taller, and much fatter in real life. I’m only 5 ft 4, and a skinny little thing. I have a mouth that makes up for it though, so why not have a set of boobies to match the big mouth??? I’m just looking for balance, thats all!! Ofcourse not really,(shit i’m doing a lot of lying today) i’m looking for massive boobie delight, that i can beat on like bongos, to shock and disturb the masses, so the talking about me will continue for years to come! haha! I’ve never really had big boobies… so i wonder what it would be like??  You say ‘no no’ i say ‘ooh laa daddy.’ Oh my GOD, did Amy Winehouse just headbutt someone on tv!!!! GO BACK TO REHAB..GODDAMIT!! Infact the lunchtime news today is really disturbing. My tv is telling me that 1 in 3 girls are self-harming, by cutting, hitting or burning themselves!! WHAT!!! I need to take these precious girls, and teach them other ways to have fun! I mean, come on cherubs, don’t burn your-bloody-selves! Come see Aunty Chrisse, she’ll make you a cuppa tea, and show you some love. Isn’t that terrible!! What has happened??

Anyway, due to my feeling ill thing, (drama queen alert) i must tend to my ill self, and make myself some lunch. Wish me better! I’ll check in later!! Kisses

8 thoughts on “I’m sick bitch!”

  1. Not everybody has been against enhancement. All I said was don’t turn yourself into something too outlandish. If you’re going to get it done, get it done right and get something with which you’ll be comfortable.

  2. Well I’m a natural-advocate and I stand by your boobs as they are! Small? So what? They’re pretty and sexy and very very tempting!

    Love yourself as you are is my motto – I’m always loving myself.

    If I were you – or me for that matter – I wpouldn’t touch your boobies at all – actually that’s SOOOO not true but you know what I mean.

    On a serious (moi????) note though – the glamour industry (in the UK at least) is moving away from enhanced girls so you could be shooting yourself in the .. er.. foot.

    Honestly, Chrissie, I implore you – stay as you are – you’re perfect.


  3. Maybe we should have a vote on this . . .

    Should our Miss Wunna have an op to get over inflated mammaries, or save
    a good few thousand £££ and keep ’em in the perfectly cute, not too small,
    not too big, au naturale form they currently are … ?!?

    I know which option I’d vote for!


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