I’m Just The Queen of Greatness

Well heellloo you saucy pieces of *sizzle.* I’m Chrissie Wunna. I’m you’re Ultimate Glmaour Puss. I love my life. Here we go…

Okay this morning, i woke up at 8am, looked at my pink Blackberry that i had set to an ‘awkward really’ alarm sound of @jonathanctaylor ‘s voice screaming ‘Omg it’s Chrissie Wunna.’ He sent it to me as a BBM voice note once, and i saved it to remind of my Greatness. It was the alarm sound that began my March 31st 2010 day. I looked at it. I clicked *Dismiss* and then i woke up at 9.06am…which was LATE for my shoot. Oops! Now, i’m a girl who hates being late. I flew around my house like a floozey on dizzy heat. I’ve never hit into so many things in stripes. In the end, i had to give in. I mean, i’m never good when rusyhed. If you’re a TRUE Glamour Puss, you take your time with things…merrily and maybe sexily. I stopped, made a cuppa tea, then text the photographer ‘Keith’ to tell him i was running late. Luckily he laid in too. Yipppeee. I’m telling ya the Gods Me. Anyway, a car came to pick me up at 10.30am and off i went to work…which today was in the form of a delicious 4 hour photoshoot, in cutsie wootsie night time attire.

I shot in a beautiful home. A beautiful one, full of aged liquor and a history. It belongs to a guy named Nigel, who i’ve know and simply adore. I’ve shot in that venue loads and well today it looked like a bachelor pad if i ever saw one. It’s the new Playboy Mansion. There was a partied out gazebo, bodies were running on Lucozade, and there were empty glasses of red wine and bottles in every odd corner. All signs of a good ‘night before.‘ I loved it. Massive place. I looked at Nigel..who had only just woke up as he opened the door and yawned and said, ‘I’m expecting 4 strippers to come sauntering through your living room any second, asking for headache pills.’ [Lots of dirty inappropriate jokes occured about other human beings at this time, featuring Jimmy

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