I’m In Flirt Magazine Right NOW..with my Bloggage


Hey babies, you do not know how happy i actually feel to have not had to wake up at some ungodly hour, button up a work shirt, and trail my arse to the office for one day. (Hahaha…my body isn’t use to functioning in such a manner. It was only built for pleasure.)  Instead, i flounced up, unbuttoned my shirt did a baby sized, shoot then an interview for a girl named Emily, came home, got a pay cheque then went back to sleep in zebra pyjamas just so i could experience a lie in. Aaaah…a lie in! I swear i walked into that office two weeks ago and looked like a Glamour puss, then as the days floated by…i started to look more and more like a battered spouse with every second. Lol. Breaks a good, especially if during your ‘breaks’ your a bit famous. (Wink.)

It’s really important that your doing something that makes you happy. You have to be chasing a dream and your dream really doesn’t have to the same as everyone elses. Take a risk. I have watched dreams come true and i’ve watched my own come true. I’ve cried in corridors due to major miracles and i’ve cried on pavements at 4am due to major pain. (Haha…You’ve just got to right! I had a sushi tray in my hand too, a frilly skirt, it was Kings rd, West Hollywood and i had a Corona in the other hand also. lol.) I’m a risk taker and i’ve done myself proud from it. I’m not  scared to tight-rope over the ‘fear zone.’ (But usually coz i’m pissed and think i’m invincible.) I’ve also got lost  few hundred times…(Bo Peep lost her sheep…I lost my mind, doesn’t really have the same ring,) but sometimes you have to completely ‘lose’ in order to ‘find.’ It’s kinda like realizing how much you love someone, but only after they’ve gone. (Oh and i get loadsa questions on that topic. My answer to that is, if they still love you…it’s NEVER to late to make it work, therefore get dialing Cupid and make the ‘magic’ happen. Loves a great great thing. It can conquer anything. Invest in it. If you can be arsed. If not…. fuck it, drink wine and start humping moving objects behind Biffa bins.)

I’m in bed right now and loving it because everyone else i know is not. I’m at Embassy tonight  launching a new magazine, but i will blog about that a bit later on. Come on down if you so wish.

Yet today i will tell you that i’m in FLIRT Magazine again. I’ve written a blog for them about my life and well what happened to me during the last month. If  you lived it with me, then poor you. Yet if you didn’t it takes you from the time i met a boy at Embassy who i fell madly in love with, to a time of heart ache, £50, being wheeled in carts and Big Brother Rex. You’ll love it. It’s an honest one.

Anyway please do go to www.flirtmagazine.co.uk and sample my bloggage. It’s worth it! Plus there’s boobies in their too. (I’m on my period. I feel like a whale.)

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  1. congrats chrissie u have know doubled the amount of flirf magizines bought by me to two i am realy pleased for u and i am pleased to have u back as i have missed your tales and the banter of u mugging everythnig is say of and of course i have missed your pics


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