I’m having a good old lazy

Having a lazy day. I do actually have a lot going on right now, so along with a bunch of lovely ‘admin,’ polka dot nightwear and a marathon of The Hills, (first season,) i am tending to it…rather slowly but surely.  I feel as though i’m in hiding, y’know taking a break from being ‘out and about’ and being glared at, by the masses. I LOVE it, i do, yet sometimes a recoup ‘chill’ period is much needed. I’m a social butterfly, so i find it really difficult to be indoors, with nothing but a cup of tea, and a television screen infront of me. I need people, excitement, trouble and ‘Ooh laa,’ but something tells me, that i’ll be getting that shortly. It’s almost like training for a stupidly long marathon, yet my training and due to an over-active life…..is REST. I never unstood why people chose to run marathons??? Not that, that matters??? But it is weird right, how people want to do things like that??? Why see 20 miles, and think, ‘Boy i could just imagine running that, in tiny pair of ‘up the crotch’shorts, with no water, and a number safety pinned to my cloth like vest???’ I don’t get it??

However, what i do get, is the fact that i AM ‘Barbara Cartland.’ When i’m old, and shrivelled, i WILL be her! She’s magnificent!! Well i should say, ‘was’ magnificent as she shuffled off to the clouds ages ago. Shame really, but shit happens. I love her, yet i do HATE a new exotic pet dropping in on britain. POSSUMS!!! Okay, so i’m animal friendly, provided the animal is cute, and this little beast of a pet, IS rather adorable. It’s small, as in could fit into the palm of you’re hand, looks like the cutest most obediant chipmunk/skunk kinda thingy?? It’s called a ‘sugar glider,’ and that’s quite a pleasing name, until you actually realise that things called, ‘sugar gliders,’ ACTUALLY fucking GLIDE!!! One minute it’s quiet calm and still, then out of nowhere, and during bedtime hours (and we all know only evil happens at night,) it bloody does a crazy star jump thing, through the air, arms open, legs open, mouth open!! And the scary thing about it, is that it’s arms and legs are all attached, with jelly BAT fucking WINGS!! Its a skunk looking, hairy flipping BAT, that flies through the air, with a long ass TAIL. It cost £150 to get one!! I say, spaz that money on booze. Not cute AT ALL!! Possums SUCK! I hate things that FLY, that don’t look like they’re supposed to fly!! See, a bunny is cute. A winged flying bunny….yes a completely different bag of apples, right??

i need coffee

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