I’m Good With God…so there!


Okay i’ve finally got home, after my night at a Pagoda of being blessed. (Direct you merry eyes to the above piccies) that’s where i stayed! How ‘Dalai Lama’ of Me right! Hahahah…can you believe it! To be honest it was amazing. I mean i can’t believe i was standing next to a ‘higher’ being. A man that has never had a drink, a cigarette, told a lie, touched a woman, always thinks purely, gave up his life for goodness, has never sworn, never raised his voice, or been violent or disrespected anyone, judged, never watched  tv, never feared anything or even had sex. He’s like this amazingly warm character and completely opened his heart to a sexy nuisance like Me. (But only because i’ve apparently been highly charitable.) I on the other had have been a floozey, smoked more than a crazy chimp, drank like Amy Winehouse,  sworn like a sailor and dry humped the odd few midget. I mean a couple days ago i was passing out in my own vomit, on my Princess hotel bed and today I was flouncing around with ‘higher’ beings. LOL. But i did give up my life for entertainment…therefore i think that means i’m ACE! God I feel fat. I’m stuffing lamb into my face as I type.

Anyway, don’t get him wrong….He’s amazingly cool too, like i told him that ‘i’m now good with God, because i left my baby brother there to monk with him & i can now go back to sinning & swearing, without regret.’ He giggled, smiled, and told me I was an ‘amazing being’ full of heart, who was going to do wonderous things. (I’ll hold him to that!) Then he chanted and blessed me. Unfortunately, it took a bit too long, since i went on a merry late night adventure to find booze, so i fell asleep half way through it…like properly mouth open, neck hung, drool sleep…and shocked myself awake to a crowd of people worshipping me. They were praying to Me & i now had this orange string thing on my arm. I quite like this marlarky. I feel powerful and quite fucking sexy right now!!! Purrr….i need me a little ‘Hey hey sailor,’ to celebrate my fullness, my womanhood. (OOoh Laaaa!)

On a differnt note, i don’t know what’s happeninng in my bra, but my boobs are extremely swollen. They ache. I feel like they are so filled up and pushed out that could quite possibly explode. Like if i sneeze they’ll burst into some kind of meaty glittery shower of ‘life.’ It must be nearly ‘period’ time or something, as they’re getting heavier by the second…but whatever i quite like it. It can’t do me any harm. I LOVE my boobies. I think it’s going to be a week of low cut, tight t-shirts for Me. (Lol.) Come to mama…. I mean you’ve got to flaunt what you’ve got. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of tease. Men Love it. Gets them all in a fluster, all confused?? All thumbs! Makes their pants uncomfortably tight and forces them to think about you before they sleep. I love boys. But there really is nothing like being a girl… We give them Fever. We turn them into messes, make them lose control, without them knowing why?? I don’t like that part, as i’d rather they just love us and cherish us.

Don’t forget to ‘Rock the sexy’ girls. By now you should have the power to walk out onto the street, tend to your everyday duties, all unaware, beautiful and ‘Glamour pussy’ and have every male eye be drawn to you, without you really doing anything but existing & without them really even knowing why they can’t help but look at you. It really does happen.  Enjoy it!! x

12 thoughts on “I’m Good With God…so there!”

  1. You are indeed blessed. And if your breasts continue to have pain, go see a doctor and make sure there’s nothing wrong going on in there. Some of us folks out here have concern for your well being, Chrissie. 🙂

  2. Perry- Hahahaha…i AM a ‘Higher’ being…he told me!! I can’t believe i actually got blessed. This solidifies my title of Greatness, i’m sure

    Brett- It’s not boob falling off ‘hurt’ it’s achey growing pains, coz of my upcoming monthly tide…Ooooh

  3. Your Greatness has never been in question for me, Chrissie. And all I’m saying about the breast pain is that if it persists, make sure you get checked out. I know more than a few women who have developed complications from enhancement, and I’d hate for you to go through what they’ve had to go through.

  4. Oh Chrissie, I literally love you so much! You’re just greatness, enough said really!! Oh and by the way, my mum wanted you to know she used to fall asleep in councilling all the time. It’s no biggie HAHA!!!!! LOVING YOU xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh and to ‘Zaw Zaw Aung’ ( i always want to say ‘Gabor’ after ‘Zaw Zaw’) I believe the term is pink and grey ‘immorality.’ Yeah I know…it’s totally what I was going for. Glad you love reading ChrissieWunna.Com. lol…I sent you my blessings tooo…


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