I’m getting size ‘E’ boobies!! Booyah!

So whilst you were rising from your beds, fixing your ties for work, polishing your boots, wiping the fuzz from your eyes….. I was getting my boobs felt up by a lovely Dr.Madhi, who has the wonderful job of making my boobies a gzillion times bigger!! Yay!! I’ve actually had my boobs prodded and poked a lot today, so obviously it’s been a great day!! haha! I had to take my bra off, and hold my Date of Birth, (which was written on a tiny piece of white cardboard)  just below my breast, haha or BREASTS even, (i do have two) for a delightful nurse, who then took 4 pictures. It was kind of like a Mugshot,…but for a Brothel! Anyway, i’ve seen my implants, i’ve played with them. A councellor even sliced one open for me…not sure why, (i guess to prove that the gel doesn’t seep out.) She also proceeded to tell me that the gel is so super tough, that if she leaves a ‘cut open’ implant upon her desk overnight… spiders get stuck in them and die!! Erm….great??? But all around, the news was fantastic, and come Jume 11th (2weeks) i will have a set of knockers that could probably and quite literally KNOCK someone out!! I’m going from a C to a FULL ‘E’…..(oh stop boo-ing! My Gay friends will love them.) Then my transport broke down, and ruined my life..haha 

…things never seem to roll as smoothly as i need them too. There’s too much ‘rock’ messing up my ‘roll,’ i guess?? Was that lame??

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