I definitely need these shirts on sale via my website. 🙂 Blunt, to the point and with a twist of fashion and adoration. Hellloooo! Music to my ears!

I’m doing REALLY WELL!! I survived the evening like a champion. I can’t even believe it! I didn’t even check into a hotel for anything. 😉 I did venture out for a couple drinks and met friends by accident. But only because it was warmer. And I definitely didn’t nearly turn ‘right’ into Lee the POLICEMAN the other day. Lol. (Of all the things to nearly hit into! Luckily, I didn’t and he knew me because of cups of tea, so he let me off and when i did see him 20 minutes afterward, as he smiled and shook his head at him, I simply pointed out that i performed great swerving.) I forgot to tell you that!

It was also brought to my attention that I have the WORLDS WARMEST quilt ever and that I should be really grateful for that! (By next week, i’ll probably have a bunch of homeless people under my leopard print sheets, simply because it’s warm. Not really. Right now, I wouldn’t be able to bath them pr do their hair. Lol)

I’m waiting for the bolier man. (Sounds like a creepy nursery rhyme.) The times British Gas have given me are 8.00am to 7pm. 🙂 That’s the frame of time that I am to wait in my home for, ON MY DAY OFF for the boiler man to come. HAHAHAH. Fricking sods law!!! But i don’t care. I have candles going. Coffee brewing. It’s cold. But i’m happy. It’s kinda annoying because the babies are on their daddy days today. However, it’s better for them to be warm, then to do ‘freezing’ with mummy, simply out of selfishness.

My nose is running. I still look good. One tip that I have to keeping warm when your boiler is on the blink is to TAN!! HAHAH. And i’m not even joking, before you all start! I obviously haven’t done it this time, as it’s getting fixed within 24 hours. But whenever i’m freezing, and I TAN…i feel so much warmer. SHUT UP! It works!! *Wiggle, wink*

Ben and I have been texting. But texts are rigid aren’t they. I can never really get into them. I’m a rubbish texter, so i end up just putting my phone down, on my sofa arm and leaving it. Even when i’m cold, i’m much better in person. I can’t be arsed to do a textathon at times. All my friends know this, so are never bothered if i don’t reply. Lol. They’ll see me at some point, which is much better on the whole. I’ll text if i need to and only if i need to. He’s a rigid texter also. I reported it to him…like ya do…and he got better at it, as did I.

I’M COLD! I’ve got nothing else to do to keep warm??? Even watching cowboys punch each other in the face on my telly for reality tv, isn’t warming me up.

I do know that plonking on your coat and dancing to a ‘warm feeling’ song works to, if your cold. I forgot about that.  I’ll do that next. Not that any of you are cold, as you all have working boilers. 🙂 *Waaaaaaaa*

The good thing is that when there’s nothing you can do about a situation, you just have to relax, laugh it off and get on with it!

More candles, coffee and giggles for me.

He better come soon!

At least, i’ll get blogging more. UGH! I totally wanted to buy Vlog things today. (The Vlogs are doing really well.)





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