I’m back


Hi Everyone!!! I’m still here. I’m still dear. I’m still not drinking beer.

So sorry that i haven’t managed to blog in ages. It actually hasn’t been because of busy times, this time and simply because we’re ALL POORLY in WUNNALAND. I know!

All three of us. Ruby, Junior and I have all been hit with his terrible fluey awfulness and i’m never one to moan about being ill (and i’ve had to be at work the whole entire time because there has been no cover,) but YES, it is hideous. I am feeling knocked out and simply getting through it all, knowing that I have the entire next week off. Plus, inbetween that i’ve had all this drama with bleed outs and baby scans and scrapes etcs..I’m not even going to bother with all that. Lol. Then there’s been all this crazy added drama at work. Lol BLAAAAH!!!!

I think both Ruby and I are over the worst of our being ill. I have another day or two of it, then i’ll be 100 percent. Half way through being ill, little Junior had to go to his Daddy’s, so i don’t know how he’s doing. But i will by this evening…so i can’t wait.

Other than that, everything’s great because things are changing and  am living proof that if you work hard towards a goal, you will get there. If you don’t make much effort, you’ll watch everyone else in life do better than you. I’ve been as sick as a dog, but i’ve muscled through everything, got on with it and championed forward.

I’m happy. I’m smiling. I’m excited. It feels so good to be back blogging. I can’t wait to have the week off! I’m looking forward to blogging more.


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