If you go down to the woods today…



Yes, yes, yes! You already know as i’ve been kitten purring it out loud for around about a week now.

In a couple hours, I will be venturing on our ever so sentimental, family holiday to my favourite place in the entire world, for a bit of peace, retreat and relax…to the deliciously beautiful and luxurious in it’s most natural form, log cabin in the forest! EEEK! I AM SO EXCITED! And well, we’ve spent the morning doing happy dances in the name of glee, simply because tomorrow morning and in fact when i go to bed tonight, i’ll be able to peek through my little wooden blinds and see that i’m immersed, deep in the heart of the lush, calm forest. Away from stress, drama and well the hard life.

I’ll get to BE ME. Enjoy the family. Sit in my open air hot tub with a champagne and privately delight in family time and that ever so essential bit of peace that we all forget to find. I love nothing more these days than being surrounded by nature…so i have my boot all packed up (i’ve over paced, but it’s a woman’s prerogative isn’t it. I didn’t used to be an over packing because I was a stable human. I would flit from place to place, country to country..with no real sense of foundation. In fact, i used to hate packing heavy simply because I’d hate the idea of settling down somewhere and nesting. I AM THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE NOW and not just because of the children and the fact that i’m a GLAMOUROUS oldie. 🙂 But because i’m now a graduated human. I’ve graduated and baby…i feel amazing.)

I check into the Sherwood pines forest at 4pm. I’ll be blogging from my cabin so don’t worry.

So, enjoy your rubbish Monday morning’s at work :), as I’m off to the woods…like…NOW!! 🙂 Hurrah!

Love you all!

Forest Holidays are a MUST! (Especially if you’re a busy human being, stressed human being..or just love family, romance or nature.)

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