If you can’t be good…


God! I forgot to tell you….on Boxing day this guy hit on me and very openly asked me out for ‘drinks,’ on a sort of date, that I turned down because…well I’m obviously with Ben.

This bit of subject matter had been minor jolly banter between some of friends and I…and get this, we Facebook stalked him (as it’s someone we see quite a lot, but don’t know well) and found out that this guy is engaged and about to get MARRIED.

Why do boys do this?

So today, i’m waving my flag for ‘loyalty.’

Really, if you’re with someone you care about, you really should just ‘do caring’ about them and not try to stick some other bit of totty on the end of your willy wonk. 🙂 It’s really not that hard and we’ve all been there and done it. But yes, if you’ve found the one…you know they’re the one and not out of habit, or ‘just cos’ yet because they’re the being you can’t be without. Try not to wink and strangers for no reason and instead just be happy. If you’re not and you need a wander or a peeky on someone else’s greener grass…then you’re either not with the right person, or you’re not very disciplined in the love department.

I might have been married tons, but i’ve never really stepped out of the bedroom with them to be with another.

No one’s judging anyone really…all i’m saying is to just try to be good. It should come easy.

Rant over.

Wunna x

(Ben played his guitar last night in the living room, after we ate spicy noodles. It felt amazing.)

Life is good.

Today, i’m having a day with the babies, as he ventures off to celebrate Dodge’s birthday with drinks.

Everyone’s birthday seems to be in January???

(The ‘Your cock or mine’ crew are still hard at it.)

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