If the nipple tassels don’t fit….


Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit you! *Simples.*

If you’re a skinny size zero, don’t wear something that is far too baggy for you beautiful body.

If you’re a voluptuous Size 20, don’t try and squeeze into an outfit that tells you it’s a 10.

Nothing is worst than being unable to embrace the body that that dude up above, with a case of genetics has given us.

If you don’t like the size that your inside label screeches at you…remove it. Get rid of the label or even better, sew a new label in that reads the size you wish to be. 🙂

Ignorance is on occasion… bliss. Yippppeee!

We as women are constantly on a ‘my bums too big in this, my belly is too wibbly in that…my thighs, oh my thighs’ rant. (I’m a swine for it. Not so much now..but i used to be.)

But honestly, there’s no point,as there’s no perfect size for a chica. Just pretend you’re the size that you want to be, lie, forget, embrace it, or enjoy it. Don’t close yourself off to fashion, simply because the size on the label tells you that you’re too thin or too chubby. OR EVEN BETTER, ADORE THE SIZE THAT YOU ARE, embrace the wibbly bits…and go forth with an umbrella drink and a shimmie. I mean whocares, by the time we’re sixty, if we’re lucky to get that far, we’ll all be saggy and grey anyhow…and we’ll love it. Bagsy a purple rinse.

Plus, if you’re not dress size stressing because you wish for others to love you more, not judge you, or whatever else the matter is…just don’t. They’ll love you anyway, regardless…if they’re not a weirdo or a tool.

Be brave, grab your nipple tassles…but always makes sure they FIT!

Chrissie x *Giggle here*





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