If only i could think

So whilst you’ve been civil and all ‘nansey-pansey.’ I’ve been learning to bump n grind to every Pussycat Doll song ever known and sing rifts that will shortly prove that i ain’t no Mariah! But alls good in the hood. I feel great! They say a ‘Star is born,’ and with a little more work and a little more water..there will actually be  the word ‘talented’ attached to my blurb. I even surprised myself. Excited! (I roll my eyes.) I’m still feeling a bit ‘off switch’ today. I’ve just got out of a long-ish bubble bath (where i do most of my thinking) and yeah…it was pointless. I just zoned out. No thinking took place. I think, if you get into the bath intending to think…you’re buggered. (And not the good kind.) My bubbles assured me that i’d get drifted away to some tropically sensuous paradise. Yet really, i just sat in my own watery dirt. And Fair enough eveything around me was pink and gold and my hair was in ‘Miss Piggy’  pigtails. Yet still, not a single decent thought entered my head.

It’s funny because in LA ,you’ll go in for an audition on a Monday, you’ll do your callback on Tuesday, you’ll get a call that evening or the next morning saying ‘Yeah great, you got it,’ and by the following week you’re working the job and fancying one of the boys you work with. It’s that quick…well in episodic television it is. In England, and most places of the world…everything takes a great deal loooonger!! But saying that, i don’t really know? I’ve only been to one  tv audition recently in England and I got it…(she blows her own trumpet. Ha-ha!) So i’m happy! It was a blast! And i really couldn’t believe it!! I still have to pinch myself at times. But that’s because i’m a spacker.

Chrissie Wunna x

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