I Wunna Burlesque.

To Burlesque, or not to Burlesque…that is the question? I am currently, well always have been, since being about 7, (way before  it became trendy)……soooo into a bit of ‘Burlesque,’ the Art of ‘tease,’ that whole ‘glamour glamour ooh laa,’ and i guess, i have now been given the opportunity…if i so wish, to get my ‘Von Teese,’ on. I’m a great little mover,(believe it or not) i love my job in Glamour modelling, (which consists of smiling with ya boobs out) so why not mix the two, have loads of fun, make loads of moola and pop out of martini glasses!! Hurrah, for naked chicks in Martini glasses!! So i think it’s up there on my tasty dish of treats to taste. I’ve never really tried it before, infact the closest i’ve ever got is ‘cardio striptease’ class at Crunch Gym. (FYI/ i actually know the sexy man, who invented cardio striptease, very very well, and he is GREATNESS!!) Love it!!

So, I’m taking this holiday weekend to ponder this merry thought, but as of right now, it’s a definite ‘YES.’ Why not right?? It’s just scary, as it’s one thing getting ya ‘muffins’ out for a single camera, (there’s that famous camera lens barrier) and another getting them out, whilst wiggling around LIVE… infront of a gaggle of horny boys…where there’s really no barriers, just boners. It’s scary…!! It’s new for me….but i’m sure if i jump in at the deep end.. i’ll get use to it…right???   Shit, i can’t wait to get my boobs done!! Yay!!

3 thoughts on “I Wunna Burlesque.”

  1. I’m gonna TRY it, it just scares me, …i’ve never done it before and i’ll be in reaching distant of boys…well on a stage anyhow….oh lord…i dunno??


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