I will eat your first born…if you let me??

I am hungry, even after just eating. I can’t seem to stop stuffing any edible substance, that passes my eyeline, into my gapping hole (ooohh) of a mouth, every second, of every moment. Seriously, its almost my time of the month, and all i want to do is STUFF my FAT face, i can’t stop. Infact things don’t even need to be edible. I’d bloody eat Mrs. Muffies, first born child, if it walked past me. I have no idea who ‘Mrs. Muffy’ is, but it sounded cute, yet rude, so it worked. I get why cannibals eat humans now. They’re just fucking hungry all the time, and have eaten all the animals, all the trees, the berries, all the first borns, that they have to resort to eating each other. Oncoming periods suck!! Yet it’s fine, as i’d rather be a hot girl with a period, than a Boy with a penis that holds all kinds of emotional issues. Plus, if i wasn’t getting my period, it would mean i was a hot girl, who was pregnant, and that…as of right now…wouldn’t look to good. However, my dear friend i’ll call him ‘Drunk,’says.. that he will quite gladly punch me, as hard as he can, in the stomach, if i do need to get rid of it quickly!!! hahaha!! Joy!!

I need to go, i need to eat!!

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