I totally get it now

Just woke up and after a pointless ‘fiddle in the middle’ (just did it out of boredom) i realized i had lost my voice and also maybe my viriginity. Then my hair got tangled into a free standing fan (wind machine, not person who screams my name) and i knew that things could only get better. I have the whole day off to invest in ‘rest,’ then tomorrow i’m back in London for a delicious amount of jiggery pokery… I need to recoup! I’m Big time baby! (Not really, i’m quite tragically rubbish, yet i’m successful making you believe i’m AMAZING.) Strut, strut, wiggle wink!

On a more serious note, this morning i finally realized my purpose in life….y’know that old truth of my existance. I’m not gonna tell you about it, because then it will spoil everything. (Plus i’d look stupid if i got it all wrong.) But i finally know why i was put on this merry land…and it wasn’t anything that i thought i was here for. I’ve met a lot of people over my lifetime, infact a lot of people just recently..and the same sort of tone has smoothed it’s way through all of them. I’m learning life as i go along…but now i’ve really got it. I get what i’mhere to do, which makes what i’ve sacrificed totally worth it. (I really fancy a gin.)

My best friend is currently yelling at me via ‘chat’ in regards to my love life. I told him that i was gonna go with the ‘whatever will be will be’ plan. He never likes that plan…due to an apparent ‘shit storm of drama’ that will occur. I’m a little bit scared, but now i’m like fuck it. Full speed ahead bitches! (Midgets currently banging a parade of party poppers as they rejoice for ‘The Wunna’ and wee themselves a little bit.)

Moan of the day part! Okay i’ve feeling a little bit used, and if there’s anything i hate more than anything, it’s people who try to trick me or take advantage of me. I’ll never ever say, but i will always always know. Just so everyone is aware, you cannot use someone to gain long term success. It’s a quick fix of ‘ooh laa’…yes…but as soon as that person struts out of your life…you are once again left with nothing. Take a short cut, you get cut short. Try doing something on your own, rather than milking it off someone else. It makes you feel so much more powerful! And i’m not saying this in a bitchy bad way, because i’ve sure as hell used people for personal gain plenty of times, as a kid in Hollywood , i’ve rinsed it (and i’m not proud at all) it just isn’t the way to do things. Learn this from Me! Karma really is a bitch.

Hope you create an amazing day, wink at strangers (well kinda becareful with that one) and well more than anything, feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s the key to success. Know who you are, realize your bad points, celebrate your tragic-ness and keep it fucking ‘SEXY!’

8 thoughts on “I totally get it now”

  1. have fun on the mannor i ave got a wedding sat me firt ever one so i am losing me wediing verginaty i am gonna get out of me cannister have fun and hopefully one time i can join in your jiggery pokery chrissie

  2. i know i tried me whistle on for it coz i aint wore a tie for 18 years i got to say i look ream babe ha ha ha how areu me old hina u cushtie?


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