I Need a Miracle

Taken at ‘Heaven’ in London. I love Frederic’s face on this. It simply expresses the tone of the evening we all were having. It was AMAZING and i was standing on some pedastal dancing to…y’know what? I can’t even remember?? It was more the fact that i was standing on a pedastal that i was liking Methinks. (Whore much?) Loving it!

So i’ve been hit on a lot today by guys from all walks of merry lives, who when i simply say ‘No’ are taking it rather too seriously and throwing a ‘paddy.’ Stop being babies and stop hating on the boys that i do want to date. Oh my god. You’re like girls. It’s so annoying. I told a random guy today how much i liked another boy…and he ripped him to shreds with evil bitter words…for no other reason than jealousy and tried to manipulate me into not liking the guy. It’s so uber negative and the reason why you’ll probably never end up being my ‘other side of the pillow.’ (Ho-hum.) I don’t like negative people. It pisses me off more than anything. Even when my closest friends do it. You do not want to piss me off…ever. It’s not a good way to get sex out of me. Nor be overly fakey ‘nice nice’ and buy me a million drinks so i’ll ‘put out.’ (Yawn.)

That actually happens a lot, doesn’t it. Where guys pay their way to sex by filling you up with vodka, tequila and whatever cocktail is going. I always say that if a guy has to get you completely TROLLIED in order for you to actually want to have sex with him, then he’s either ugly or there’s 84% something wrong with him. I can see through most shite, because i’ve pulled every trick in the book. I was raised in ‘tinsel town,’ where the players play hard. Whenever i’ve pulled out the ‘get them drunk’ card. My intentions have never been good. ( I did love it though! You can’t blame them for trying.)

Its funny! Gentlemen will now start a conversation with my online, all nice and dandy. (Watch out girls they do it to lull  you into a false sense of security.) Then 5 lines in their talking about cocks & pussies. Infact one guy (who was being a ‘Hater’) wanted to talk about ‘Latin Lovers’ cock more than i did today. He kept oddly asking me what size it would be if i actually measured it?? But he went on about it over and over again.  Even when i told him to drop it. (Someone needs a little ‘man love’ methinks.) I was so far ahead of him in the book of love, that it was sad to see. I’m on page 98…he’s still on page 69.

I’ve also had an odd bunch of guys try to bone me, by using the ‘pretend i’m a producer and try to offer her work’ tactic. That is so 2006. They really must think i’m a silly bitch. (Well i am at times. But not when it matters.) I have been and seen and played it all. I might only be a tiny 5ft 3…but honey i am DYNAMITE and when i’m mad i think i’m 6 feet tall and built like a brick shit house. I’ll blow up in ya fucking face…before i let you get one over on me. ( I’m a bit ‘Angry Barbie’ today, aren’t i?? LOL.) I just hate people taking advantage of others. It’s sick. (Unless i ofcourse need to take advantage of someone, then it’s completely fine.)

I’m noticing that the way things work over here in England, aren’t actually so different to how they work in LA, afterall.  There are a delicious bundle of shit boys everywhere. Same moves, different accents.

On a funny note i did walk into a pub and have the alcoholic bartender say ‘i smell pork dumplings.’ Hahaha! I need a muffin.

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