I love the Gays

Last night Samuel and I went and made a little appearance at ‘Heaven.’ It’s a massive 5 clubs in one, gay delight and armed with sexual Fredric, a soul singer and 2 other gays we went to go smooze with our fans. (Yes, we do actually have them now! And yes we are milking our new found fame.) I guess our show is airing twice a day every day, and had just been on tv that evening, before we went out. The gays adore Miss.Hilton and so it was a good place to go make our first meet, greet, ‘watch our show’ and mingle! Infact, it was surprisingly INSANE! Gay men love me. I felt safe!

We walked into the club and OH MY LORD, the fans did us proud!! They we’re screaming with excitement to see us, shouting out our names and everything, taking piccies and basically worshipping us! (haha) I was actually a little bit surprised that soo many people recognized us…it’s only been one episode? This one guy even watched us in Australia, found us and was ferociously demanding ‘fucking pictures’ (as he liked to say it!) They went insane , grabbing us and showed us soooo much crazy love. They were jumping up and down, or just too shocked to actually speak, gossiping about us, or trying to use us to get…well i don’t know what they were trying to get, but they would be disappointed! Lol.. Yeah Sam and I are now very concious of people getting McFriendly with us or being desperate. Due to our recent reality show experience, we can now see through everyone pretty easily. Yet it is funny to watch. I love it. The sucking up part ROCKS!! (Yeah, yeah! More! More!)But honestly people were genuinely our knicker throwing fans. Odd isn’t it. (I don’t really think it’s odd. I’m just pretending to be humble! lol) You would’ve thought we saved the world or something. I think we possible did.

Anyway, all that aside we had the best time ever and succeeded in getting TRASHED! We partied Sexual Fredric  (who i adore..he’s sooo much Sexy fun) out-it was his last night in London therefore we were showing him ‘good times.’ (Which is just code for ‘got him wasted on shots, so he would maybe ‘put out’ later.) Our team of gays kept dropping like flies though. One by one they kept getting too wasted and having to taxi home, to Whitney Housten songs. Sam stole the bartenders 20p tip and caused a bit of a verbal scuffle. I made a sexual tit of myself (but that was hot) and well now i’ve lost my voice after having to stand in the freezing cold in a tiny hot pink dress, no coat, at 4am, in the middle of a roundabout for hours trying to get a taxi, after being accused of stealing Sushi from Tescos!! Hilarious! Why would i steal a tray of crap Sushi, that was only £2 and eat it in front of you?? (Twat) The night was wonderful. Couldn’t have been in better company! Although in the end, we all seemed to be a great deal more trashed and a great deal more verbally abusive. (haha) Not sure why, but we do like to say something extremely lovely, then end it with a ‘You Fat Fucking Bitch!’

I’m back in Yorkshire now, and thankful for the rest. I need it. I look like a used up, spat out whore. Its been non-stop, yet GREATNESS!! I’m really loving life right now. I’m meeting amazing people. I’m as happy as can be. I give myself the two thumbs up! Booyah bitches!

5 thoughts on “I love the Gays”

  1. sounds like u are having dun chrissie and im pleased u made some new pals. gitls do get on better than irons than we do dont u i tink it is coz u have more in common my bruvva is a bit like that he straightens his hair and shit have a good week treacle and i hope ot hear from u soon tada

  2. wow, seems pretty awesome I must say, living the life. I’m happy for you yet jealous at the same time. I’ve always been dreaming about living this glamorous life thing and pursuing acting but, my folks definitely don’t agree with the idea.

    Hmm, so you get to see through the fakers and stuff eh? I wonder how you can tell.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that you love gay men anyway, I think many girls love gay men, I mean why not? They have great fashion sense, funny as hell, and a girl wouldn’t have to worry about giving the guy the wrong idea about where things may be going.

    anyways, i’ve prolly here myself. so… later!

  3. You should absolutely pursue acting and partying…hahah. It works for most people, why not you? Do it, do it!

    Yeah, i love the Gays..and thats Gays all over the world. They’re always good to me and when drunk sometimes make out with me on Rooftops with Mango maragritas! Yeah!! Love it!

  4. im pleased u love the irons chrissie i dont mind em but i wouldnt go out boozing with em coz we aint on the same level i like birds football and fighting they like geezers and doing there hair and that u know what i mean but that sam geezer does come across like he is a nice fella im pleased u made some new chinas chrissie


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