I hear GIFT 10!


Home is where the heart is and I know it because I’M HERE. Hooray! I’ve made it back from the glitzy world of fashion in one ‘shopped til I dropped’ piece! I mean, the last day of The Clothes Show was hard work for me….If hard work meant ‘skiving off to shop’ all day and snagging all the best bargains.

Literally ANY TIME you find yourself stood on a Platform 11am, in a giant faux fur and mini skirt…laden with goodie bag, after shopping bag, after goodie, shopping bag bonanzas…to the point where people are open mouthed glaring at you like you’re a ‘spendy little lunatic’ smeared in a title of ‘IT,’…means yo did well.

I SHOPPED! And let me tell you. No-one can beat me at shopping when ti comes to fashion, beauty, Christmas and gifts. I’m like a hurricane. There’s no nonsense, no dilly dallying, juts a kitty eye, a clutch and a ‘go for it’ in heels. At one point I had so many bags I was smashing ‘ sat down’ people in the face with them and I didn’t even realize. PAHAHAHA. I must’ve looked like a hauling fashion donkey or just one of those crazy random shopping Asians, that you find on trains with 100 Louis Vuitton bags.

I was wedged on the train like THIS (look below) and I looked like such a loony that women actually began coming up to me and commenting on the amount I had purchased. ‘Oooh we thought we’d bought a lot?/ Have they been storing that for you?’ I simply smiled, admitted that I had a problem (lol) and tried to be witty with a ‘yeah the shopping part of it was FUN, but the carrying it all back is RUBBISH. This is why we need men.’ (I always say stupid things like that! I can’t just shut up and refrain from attempting to be funny or polite.)


It was the LONNNGEST JOURNEY HOME and getting to Birminghma from Yorkshire isn’t really that easy a commute. I could get to London fast…running. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Eww…I don’t fun. *Spritz me.*)

Anyway, I had a great time at The Clothes Show and I was very grateful to be able to be part of their blogging bit of ‘team.’ But I’ll tell you all about that later. All I want t rejoice about right now is the simple fact that it has NEVER FELT SO GOOD to not have to set my alarm for 5am!! My own children out slept me even! They were peeking at me grooming and dotting in and out of their rooms at 5.30am, demanding that I go back to sleep. (Ruby with a ‘Back to bed Mum’ and Junior with a ‘Grunt.’) I have ethnic children and what i’m realizing is that we’re lazy…as they get older they like to sleep. It’s a bonus for me. In fact let me take that back. We’re not lazy, we just like luxury and at that time sleep is simply that!

Woke up at 8am this morning! YIPPEEEE! I had to wake BOTH CHILDREN UP and yeah we were late for nursery, but we didn’t mind, life rocked. Ruby was cuddly. She’s all toilet trained now like a puppy. Junior laid in and didn’t get up until about 9am ๐Ÿ™‚ and well i’m currently sat in my little room, weirdly on the floor, after brie and crackers for breakfast looking at our Christmas tree!

Yes, we finally have it up! Two days ago it was lifted from the loft for me and Ruby plonked it up with JOY. I mean Wunna land has been so busy that we haven’t even had time to put the tree up and i’m a whore for Christmas…that would never happen. We’ve been visiting Santa since fricking October. But it’s finally and hurrah Wunna land is doing CRIMBO bitches! ๐Ÿ™‚ *Glitter sprinkling you* (Gosh, yesterday at The Clothes Show I had a woman come up to me and say that she hadn’t really found anything she liked at the event this year, it wasn’t as good for her because it all seemed for young people. I understand what she was getting at and yes it did feel young. But it wasn’t just for YOUNG PEOPLE, the event this year had a bright young spirit about it. It wasn’t dusty, mundane and old. It was ALIVE! And maybe that’s what made it feel young because in my mind it you could’ve been 15, 25, 35, or 105 and still found stores you loved, it just would depend on how old or young your own spirit was! The buzz of it all was young. I mean i’m 32…that’s not young to me, yet I could hang in there with the teens and spend! I must’ve spend over ยฃ200 in 10 minutes without realizing and then it was all go from there. PLUS if i had more time I would’ve bought so much more. I’ve come away mildy gutted that I had to leave some stands behind that i didn’t get to visit! I just have a passion for beauty, fashion and shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚ And i’m the glitzy girl, the glamour puss..I love the young, fun, ‘ooh laa’ brands of diamante dripped!

I’ve been so busy that today is a bit of a rest day, if rest meant NO REST because there’s still children, giveaways, more doctors appointments and bedlam to carry out. I evenneed hair extensions and don’t have time to get them before Monday!

Yes, I said MONDAY!! And why??? Oh darlings, because on MONDAY I AM OFF TO OUR VERY VERY FAVOURITE LUXURY FOREST CABIN HOLIDAY at www.forestholidays.co.uk !

I’m gonna be bubbling in a hot tub, in the natural, peaceful open air of the forest with champagne and a smile. YIPPPEEE! I cant’ wait. I’ve needed this and I’ve usually gone every single time i’ve felt stressed, but this time it’s felt like ages since the last time I stayed. PLUS, I GET TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY THERE!!!

The thought of the forest is keeping me alive right now. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are different there. I can relax, I can breathe. It’s pure and utter harmony and perfect if you do have a naturally busy life. Only then can you really appreciate it.

I actually went this time last year at the same time and we were all gutted because as we left the Christmas week began and the cabins began to get all glitzy. So this year…(to save me form tears ๐Ÿ™‚ ) we’ve booked again. So I go for a week, return home to 2 days (where I will shop like a demon for others) and then return to the comfort of peaceful Christmas, family luxury.

I don’t actually have that much time to Christmas shop now, so I better get going!

But WAIT….I haven’t forgotten about YOU.

Here’s Gift 10,


Yes! Yes! Yes! The giveaway is still up and running and will be continuing until all the gifts have gone bye-bye and in the name of Christmas spirit!! Plus there’s new treats for you in the New Year! You can thank me later…I’m

…this is how kittens’ roll!

Stacy Leadeham won the Over Sized Union Jack clutch from Next! So well done!

There’s still the Bernie Hurst Designer shoes www.nooshooz.co.uk up for grabs in my giveawayand they have been soooo popular that my email inbox is RAMMED and even filled with bribes. Lol.

You all want the heels and why wouldn’t you? I even want them and well at ยฃ199 a pair, custom made…you can’t go wrong when I’m gifting them to you for FREE and for XMAS! Hoorah! You knew you loved me.



PLUS, you also have the Music Time Package from one of the BEST NEW BABY BRANDS GOING www.babycademy.co.uk in the nation, where your children can laugh, play and learn with YOU right by their side. Voted ‘Best activities box for children’ by Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine DEC 2013.

The reason why I chose this brand is simply because it is a favourite with MY OWN CHILDREN and it’s very difficult to find great activities toys for Children that you KNOW ARE RIGHT.

I’ll be picking the winners shortly on both those items. I’ve had LOTS OF MUMS email me about the music time box!! Those that don’t win the gift may go onto the website and order for Christmas! You cannot go wrong with Babycademy.

How am I picking the winners? Well i’m seeing who got the correct answer and either letting people I know pick someone at random, or people i meet pick someone at random, or in my own head, i’ll have a random ‘way of being a winner’ set out…eg, the first one to get their answer to me, the last one to get their answer to me, the person who tweeted it or shared it most, the one who sent me the best email…I don’t believe in picking out of hats. So when i say random…it’s in the manner that I have stated above.

All winners should be receiving their gifts shortly.

Gift 10!



Now, I’ know i’m always rambling on about heels and being in them all the time. But I do love a faux fur rimmed boot. I wear mine almost everyday at some point.

I saw these boots on a chick whilst shopping and asked her where I could get some from. They’re just some winter throw on that retail at around ยฃ30 from XIUXIAN. But they’re really comfy and of course cute when on.

This gift is oddly SIZE SPECIFIC, ย so you will win this pair of winter faux fur rimmed ankle boots in a SIZE 6.

This is onyl the first gift of the day, there are more to come throughout the day. There will be quick spritz of ‘win now.’ Juts a box, a picture and a question….so watch out!



But yes, to WIN THESE CUTE LITTLE WINTER FAUX FUR BOOTS in a SIZE 6, answer this question…

When I’m writing my blog..i often put Wunna action phrases in *………..* marks. Eg/ *Wiggle-Giggle*/ *Strut-Strut-Hip bump.*

I want you to Tweet, facebook, inbox, emai,l or anything me one of MY OWN ‘Wunna action phrases’ in *……………* right now…and if you do…one of you will win the above boots…SIZE 6! Great pressie. I’m looking ta them now. They’re on my sofa!

2 thoughts on “I hear GIFT 10!”

  1. Best Santa ever! And you – inadvertently (and directly what with me winning one of your giveways) – helped put an even bigger smile on my face this week.

    Short story – the missus ex added her on FB (he has a nasty habit of re-appearing on occasion) and he had a nosey at my profile (which is relatively locked down) only to proclaim to her “Oh my God I wish Chrissie Thompson was on my friends list”!!!

    Ha. How good did that feel? Awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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