I hear Congratulations are in order…


In the utter name of merriment, true love and happiness…

CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM would like to CONGRATULATE @wazza & @hannahtapdances on their brand new engagement!!!


Not only were they already the most fabulous family, consisting on Wazza, Hannah and Oliver, but they also had the joy of introducing Baby Howel to the world in December.

Christmas morning Wazza *popped* the question whilst they were still in their pyjamas. After calling him an ‘idiot’…Hannah of course…said ‘YES.’


Wazza obviously runs this site for me and well we went to school together as youngsters. He’s the friend that i’ve not only known the longest, but someone who I’ve been inspired by and who I love and respect greatly.he’s never done me wrong.  He’s a wonderful human being, so it was lovely for him to meet such a wonderful life partner…become a family and well now they’re a family of four with a wedding band on it’s way! 🙂

I ‘love’ love and i couldn’t be happier. They both will have the most amazing life together and well the fact that he’s happy, makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside!



Love you both!

Being a family and finding that ace person, who’s your complete and utter ‘other half’…with children… makes everything that you do in life worth while.

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