Bitches on beaches in Israel

Randomest story ever! So a friend of mine, who’s not really my friend, yet due to a social networking site, and a handsome (looks like he could party like a champion and score all the girls) face…is now my friend. Anyway, we often IM, and gossip about our careers etc…and if we were ever in the same place at the same time, we would definitely, maybe, be drinking buddies…but only in LA! I’ll call him ‘Canada.’

Anyway, i’m misting through all my junk facebook messages, full of ‘Chrissie i have 9 inches’ or ‘I want your boobs…’ (in places that my boobs should and will never be,) and luckily i get saved by a sudden Instant Message from ‘Canada,’ who’s partying in Israel right now.

‘Canada’ is randomly walking around a beach in good old Israel, all hungover and probably dreamy and oddly bumps into some bloke, who just so happens to be from England. (God save the Queen!) Don’t know how or anything, but after the nods and smiles, they get onto the subject of Me… ( I guess because the bloke was English, and i’m one of the only English people ‘Canada’ knows, so he brought me up. Bizarro? But true!)

Random English bloke on the beach says, ‘Yeah, i know who you mean. That girl with the blog, on the internet, with those pictures, who’s just done some show. Yeah, Chrissie Wunna.’ Canada is astonished, and therefore reports the story to me immediatly, where he gets shunned for being a liar, by my better judgement….however and as always my better judgement ended up being wrong.

So my ego’s kicked in, and the story has absorbed now, and yeah, it’s just dawned on me that two young men, from two completely different parts of the world, (England & Canada,) both drunk, in a country as random as Israel, on an empty beach, randomly bump into each other and have a whole conversation about this girl called Chrissie Wunna, (who just so happens to me ME ) and like they were my best friends!! LOVE IT!!!

And that my darlings, is the power of a boob job, an over opinionated mind and a daily blog bitches!! I really am taking over the world. I need new shoes! Told you… (God, i’m such an egotistical twat!) Where’s my burning chariot and funny hat, so i can do a VICTORY dance!!!

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  1. it aint just your boobs chrissie u got a secxy boat and all babe and u are a proper charecter babe. and i reacon u would be blinding ot get on the swill with a bit of a light weight but a cute one lol . have a great week chrissie i hope u will be watching the england germany game


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