‘I don’t want yooou…to be no…’

Afternoony, my sexy licks of life bubbles! *Wiggle-giggle-pout* I thought i had a lay in this morning, simply because it felt like I had laid in…yet when I grabbed at my mobile, like we all do as our first morning action, before checking our Facebook, messages or Tweets….I looked to see what time it was and it was only 7.44am. 🙂 I’ll take that as  lie in, as lie in’s are all about how you FEEL, when you wake up, rather than how long you lay in bed for.

Last night was great because I knew i had the next two days off work, yet hard because it really hit me on a personal level, as to how hard the whole family breakdown situation has hurt my little Ruby. It’s been really awful for her and well it’s moments..those moments…as a single mum, where you don’t feel like the Master of the world. It made ME cry because it made her cry and I knew that I couldn’t fix it and my babies are my life. I’d give up every little thing I had, just to be by their sides forever.

I grew up, the way Ruby grew up, in a loving, happy family, made up of a live in Mama, Papa and utter love. So, I know how important family ism togetherness is and how much (in theory) a separation could be damaging. As even at 33, if my parents, who have set a perfect example of love & commitment, would ever separate, I’d be devastated. So Ruby hasn’t taken or isn’t taking any of this well and it’s hard for me, because I can’t fix it, as no matter what…she doesn’t win in this situation and doesn’t get what she wants. She only gets it temporarily, which as all mums know…isn’t good. It just throws your child on an emotional rollercoaster. But i guess the thing that upset me most is that Daddy’s (as well as Mummy’s, but mainly Daddy’s) have a huge responsibility when it comes to their daughters, as they teach them about love, how to love and how they should be loved as little girls. She’ll observe how she is loved and how her mother is loved and act upon it in her later years. Ruby has this image in her head of how a fairytale should work and we tell children fairytales ALL THE TIME…every day. Yet her reality isn’t that fairytale, which has pretty much broken her heart and her stability. Which is always THE PARENTS fault..and i’m included in that. Yet, i’m not included in the recent break down neccessarily, because the second time around, after learning the hard way, i made correct decisions and stood by the children always. I made emotional sacrifices to make sure the children could and would stay in a loving stable, full time family. Bottom line, to see her that hurt, was and still is awful. #notfun. Having to have grow up conversations with very little girls is awful. Plus, it’ll be the same with Junior, as i need to now make sure that he understands love, commitment, togetherness and stability because he may grow up thinking that it’s okay to never fully commit to a lady, or that it’s not how love works…and that it’s okay to live separately…and just have children with women, that you’re no longer with. In my book….it’s not. Therefore the good thing is that i can teach him to be a man…a decent man, from a woman’s point of view.

But on the whole, i’m not worried too much, as i think i can do anything. 🙂 Life is going so well right now that only ace things seem to be happening to me. I have awesome children, who will grow into amazing adults. What they have in common is ME…Mama…the woman who will always, always, always, love them more than anything, be right by their side 24/7 and adore them.

Anyway enough that. Handy man Mike is fabulous. You all need one. That boy can do anything. Seriously, if you’re a single lady who is shit at DIY…call him and he will fix it for you. Today…he did my lawns and tomorrow he’s coming back just to look at a plug. I mean it was a little odd for him as this time i took pictures..:)

Hahaha. Very Wunna. But don’t fret. We get on really well. He finds it funny…honest. 🙂 Ruby and I were like total Desperate Housewives…whereas he thinks he’s the Diet Coke advert.

But yes, please do hire him…he really can do ANYTHING and everything DIY. #poorthing(I can’t actually believe i have another day off work tomorrow.)

Aside from that…it’s all getting very glammy as i’ve made another big eyelash order! The launch is going to be phenomenal and i can’t wait o plonk them out and have you lot buy them. 🙂 It’s all coming together and i feel so much better about my new season of launchness…as it just feel right for Summer. My gut instinct is tremendous.

Harriet…oh Harriet has got me hooked on Pharrell again. If you didn’t know, Pharrell has been my lifetime celebrity crush. I adore that man and would marry him in a heartbeat. PLUS, at the time when i was hardcore in love with him, i was in a position and place, where it may not have been a  giant impossibility to bum into him and have him adore me. 🙂 (Ludacris was in the way…i was a table away from him, by accident. ) #Hooolllywoood But now, i’m in Ponty, which makes my fascination only a distant dream. 🙂 Yet we’ve all got to dream…makes life sexy. But yes, i love that man.


Talking about love…my ex-husband…as in Mike…as arrived in England. In London to be exact for filming. #anactorslife I haven’t spoken to him. Yet i know that he’s taking those moments, those pauses and…well….remembering. It’s odd because now he’s on my ground, as before I was on his. #welcometobritishsoil I never ever thought he would be here. But he is.

(Ugh, my glasses keep falling off my face! I’m having to wear my specs today because the babies thought it would be an awesome idea to drop my last few lenses down the radiator…meaning i now have no sight. At first it felt odd…but now i’m adoring looking like Granny Wunna…)

I want proper sight…NOW!

I don’t have anything interesting to tell you…as I need more cocktails to spill the beans.

Life is great right now. 🙂

I’m back to being Princess Wunna and loving every minute of it. I’m feeling strong, independant, healthy, wealthy and happy. But most of all..i’m loving being MUM.





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