I do not enjoy guessing

It’s 9am, i’ve already got yelled at by someone who’s grumpy because they have to go to work today. It’s not my fault!! You should’ve chosen a better job or been a glamour model. All you have to do is pose in your knickers, for a camera for 4 hours…. then your cheque comes, and you can totally REST…until the next time!! CHAMPION! It’s a great job, i LOVE it, and you boys do too!! (so i hear) I hate people who blame me for the ‘crappy crappness’ that’s going on in their lives. (especially before 9am) It’s like, everything in peoples lives is someone elses fault. Boo! Boo! Gypo! Boo! If you make a giant balls up, or you are terribly unhappy, it’s YOUR OWN fault. Instead of moaning…change it! (people will like you more.) So i woke up grumpy, but now i feel fine, and i suspect i’ll feel better after coffee, shopping, and a little bit of sunshine. (i’m totally into ‘light therapy,’ if you feel miserable, get out in the sun for a while…it works…provided you don’t have that skin that burns like a muthafucker…) Shit, i’m trying not to swear, before noon and totally messing it up!!! BOLLOCKS!! Your fault!!!

‘Latin Lover’ flew to Chicago, and forgot to tell me, (i hate that) yet calls me at ‘booty call’ hours asking me to guess where he is??? Guess where he is??? If i have to guess where he is, because his location is a mystery…then we must have giant flaws in our relationship. I have a game…it’s called, ‘Guess who’s not gonna talk to you EVER again.’ It’s fun!! Keep guessing… He’s going right down on my list of ‘Knights,’ and will probably end up on my list of ‘Nights.’

So i’m gonna get coffee, then i’ll write a better blog. I have lots to do today!! xxx

4 thoughts on “I do not enjoy guessing”

  1. im pleased u are feeling good today i wish i had the boat or the body ot be a glamor modle. i got the moobs i guess lol. i dint think the sun will help it is pony here. what helps me everytime with out fail is mine and everyones best friend a pint of nelson down the boozer with your chinas. have a mustard day chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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