I DO day!



Really excited today because I get to go to a wedding and not just any wedding, but the wedding of my now ‘sort of’ πŸ˜‰ sister in law(who I ADORE) and Comedy Phil’s wedding. They’re a wonderful couple, who I just really think will do life together. They’ve done the ups and conquered the downs and well the good life partners are the ones that can do that. The ones that can survive the bashing before the blooming of the rainbow. Makes me happy. I’ve spent the morning grooming. It’s lovely managing to get out and about after so long…babies, surgery…all sorts. It’s even better when you get to celebrate love. (I hope I don’t look too hoochie? I’m not used to going to weddings and being a guest. I’m usually the one having to isle walk. SO TODAY WILL BE GREAT!

Not sure why or how all that above writing has gone all GIANT? Ah well? That’s life!

So, we’re all meeting up at 11am. Keiran has my car and finishing up from work, so he’ll be arriving just on time or a tad bit late. Doesn’t really matter though, as i’m currently not allowed to drive anyhow, so the car he can keep.

After the meet up, the ceremony, the lunchy, brunchy etc…I’m checking into a hotel and then we have an evening dinner, followed bar hopping. πŸ™‚ I’m just gonna embrace it and have fun. I love life today and I love it because I managed to get HATED on again before 9am. I don’t like haters, for ‘think they know’ people, they come across as bitter, and unattractive. It’s wrong to judge people that you have never ever met, or people who you’ve met and have never done anything too wrong to you…and well you shouldn’t ‘hate’ simply because not only is it rude, but hilarious for the other person.

I’m a vivacious, deligthful kitten. People who take themselves too seriously or try to control every inch of someone’s being are moronic. I find them funny. It certainly sways my view on them. I mean would anyone name call on others that they haven’t even met.

But i look divine this morning…and on a more positive and far more important note, I FEEL GREAT. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE WEDDING, THE REST OF THE DAY AND THE REST OF THE WEEKEND.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s my Baby Ruby’s Birthday and she turns 3!! πŸ™‚ Eek. I’m filled with excitement. I can’t wait. She has 20 kiddies attending and well it’ll be really great for us Mums to have a love and a catch up!

I’ll be Tweeting and picture posting all day as that what you do when you’re at weddings and out and about.


Have a wonderful Friday.

I love you.

Shirt..shirt? Short but sweet. (The taxi’s here.)


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