Hi My Darlings! Woke up this morning, saying ‘Can i get a bottle of water,’ in as many different accents as possible. I only did three, as it gets really boring. Don’t know why i was doing it?? (I need more friends!) Then a frosted friend, who seemed to be standing in my garden began to yell, ‘I’M ON TO YOU, CHRISTINA,’ repeatedly until i eventually rose. It’s a good way to wake me, as i always feel an adventure is about to start. However, it rarely does, as it’s usually the ‘friend’ wanting me to start the ridiculous merriment. Yet, that’s what you get for being the Queen of Greatness! It’s a wonderful life, full of waving, smiling and doing things for kicks. So i quite gladly start the ‘merriness.’  ‘I’M ON TO YOOOOOOOU!’ (lol) I replied quite miserably , ‘oh great, yeah, good times…make me a cuppa tea then. And why are you wearing the gayest shirt in all of the land at 8am??’

I have tea, i’ve just dropped a trophy into the pooiest of litter trays (says a lot about my complishments), i’m getting into trouble because i guess on the Nov 29th, i was meant to be at a Cosmic charity ball, at the Dorchester, with my Uncle. I think he took a ‘Miss.World’ type though, so im sure i wasn’t too missed. (Get it in!!) It’s a beautiful morning so i’m ready to start the day deliciously. I can’t believe it’s actually sunny….in December! Love it! It’s Britney Spears Birthday today, (i’m miming ‘Happy Birthday,’ in hot pants.) It’s also this guy that despises me ‘because i apparently took myself off his sex rotation scheme,’s’ birthday (it was ages ago)….and i’m not remotely bothered! I hate stroppy guys. I mean, if you’re gonna be a straight stroppy guy, then you might as well be a gay one. They have better wardrobes.

Chrissie Wunna x

1 thought on “I AM ON TO YOOOOU”

  1. irons dont dress better than us babe , but stroppy geezers are annoying. im pleased u are happy about the weather it is still freezing brass monkeys though chrissie have a mustard day babe taek care chrissie tada scratch xx


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