OMG I’m really ill. I don’t know what’s happened in the space of work and the last few hours..but i’m now almost the inventor of a new energy drink, a model and sick. I thought no one cared, but luckily everyone does (as they’re sick tooo) therefore my ‘ego’ is doing just fine!! I’m a giant baby when ill. It’s hilarious, in a sort of ‘not funny at all’ kinda way. Thanks for all the ‘no’ sympathy. Oh and thanx to the boys that offered to rub ‘Vicks’ into my chest. (LOL.) How romantic. Actually you can tell i’m not really that ill, because if i was i’d be simply quiet about it…and deal with the getting betterness. I only moan for attention…or be a slag.

Lots of work right now. Lots of women who own salons fighting over who will be the next one to do my hair and nails and lots of loving this life we live, because you’re a long time dead. There’s a great deal of ‘normal time,’ a whole lot of not giving up on things ( i don’t give up on anything…) and i think, THINKING is over-rated. I have a friend who likes a girl, who’s basically ‘thought’ himself into not liking her out of fear. Don’t bother…just fly with it. (My kitten is currently eating me, and in not any of the right places.)

I also heard a lot of people blame their past for their present current state. You guys need to get over it…and live your life. You can make anything happen. BE the person you want to be and do it regardless as to what past you’ve had! I hate people who grip onto the evil past. Freshen your head, give yourself a shimmie shake. Everyone has past….EVERYONE (it’s really not that special) and it’s the ones who deal with it positively, the ones who file it under ‘good times- but i am my own person’ who are the ones that move forward and do well. People waste too much time on just being negative. Bounce back ability is what works. Like i’ve been through a lot but my ‘bounce back’ is now so fast (yes it is the crack)..due to the muchness of the bad, that i’m able to immediately get right back on the old fucking pony and ride my way to the Trophy spot. It’s a talent in itself…learn it. Yes i am amazing!! (And i don’t actually feel sick anymore??) I feel POWERFUL. I want to set fire to something??

Oh i totally got called ‘stuck up’ today. And dya know what..i am a little bit ‘stuck up’ my own booty. Yet i am trying to rummage my way out of it. However, it’s just a bit ‘messy’ in there, hence why it’s taking a litte longer than neccessary. I need a massage. And a wine. And a sumo wrestler named ‘Rose.’ Just so you remember…i’m not an evil person. I’m a girly girl, with an exotic twist of ‘naughty.’ I’m more idiotically, fun loving than ‘DIVA.’ But i am a Drama Queen. And yes i do flounce around like i’m better than sex, when really i’m just a bit better than a ‘Gary Glitter.’ Yet, it’s just the wya God made me. (Always blame God..or your Parents.)

Anyhow, i’m loving my life. It’s a tough Chapter i’m tangoing with..so you’re gonna have to cheer me on. I need all the help i can get. I’m a lucky girl. Join Me!!

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