I Already love 2013

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I had no idea it was even Friday today. I used to love Fridays or at least remember that they were occuring. However, now i look at the situation from my jelly beaned sofa…i am still quite fond of Fridays and the fact that i do know they are occurring means life is good. I mean don’t get me wrong there has certainly been a time in my life where not knowing what day it was, was hideous and due to bad habits, mixed with a loss of direction. Yet now that every day in Wunna land is a happy holiday of ‘dreams come true…’ not knowing it’s Friday is wonderful. Infact, i almost booked us another two nights at Oulton Hall, due to a January sale and a lust for luxury. (I could honestly live in a hotel,) however my husband, who has also become luxury greedy reminded me that we were going on holiday in 10 days…back to our cab in the forest…so maybe it would be more sensible to wait. Then he stated that on the otherhand golf, spa and chilling sounded delightful. Wazza thinks i’ve been chucked out of my house or something, due to the hotelling. However no…it’s not that exciting. We all just really adore magical nights away, dippped in celebration. To us and because right now we can…it’s moola well spent. Plus, my little baby Ruby loves it. She literally chants ‘Holiday-holiday-holiday!’ And with a fist pump. I feel like i have this amazing life that can only get better. I think i always had an amazingly life, yet went through a patch of not realizing, which meant hitting the delicious self destruct button. A jolly button….where you end up turning ya knickers inside out, shaking your head to forget and crying into a vodka…or even worst a Mr.Wrong.

Now life is great because I’m doing what i want and enjoying who i am. I feel loved. I am loved. I have the most fabulous family, baby, hubby and bump..and most of all i feel focused. I’m celebrating what i have, where i am and the things i love. I went through a giant year of change last year. Engaged to new boy, filming a show (it’s out this year,) trying to. WIN a fricking wedding with Radio Aire with Keiran, by packing all your supermarket shopping for you. (We may have lost but we won by raising nearly £4000 for childrens charity ‘Cash for kids’ in one week. Infact we also not only was on the radio, but we appeared in More magazine three times. Well Keiran three times..i was in it twice. He also catwalked for London fashion week and the Hugo Boss line for House of Fraser. We auditioned lots. Booked a show…filmed all year, slept in a bus station, lived fought, have people adore us, people interfere with us, we GOT MARRIED, scored a new agent, i did Nevermind the buzzcocks, appeared on the re-runs of ‘Sex lessons,’ appeared in The Sun for allegedly having an affair with Kweku (made up drivel)…i’ve been to the forest, laughed, cried, had the police around, booked more telly, had my book (that i still need to promo) put into print, watched my little girl row up and i’ve fallen pregnant again…on my actual wedding night.

Life is good. Bring on 2013. This year for me is all about working hard, playing later and getting where i want to be in life happily, postively and with my cute lil’family.

Got to go and indulge in ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ I adore watching rich dipped ‘ooh laa.’

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