Hot bitch heels

Hi Boys!! So i guess, it’s late again…sorry. My computer has been deciding to fuck up quite gracefully, which is somewhat disturbing, as i seem to not beable to live without it. To pass the time, other than the boobie modelling, i have been potting plants (kill me), painting, doing ballet, smoking lots (to say i’ve quit), arts n crafts, and cleaning (please do really kill me.) All i can say is no wonder housewives are drunks, pill poppers or shagging the gardenning!! It’s a very boring life!! Yet, at least i’m learning to appreciate the simple things, and pretending to get a lot done. I’ve also learnt that the simple things in life SUCK!!! Hurrah!! (if you are fun, please call me…i respond to smoke signals)

Enough of the crap stuff!! I’m about to go into ‘workaholic’ barbie mode, which therefore means i will be popping in and out, like a ‘pop-up pirate’ and travelling like a gyspy rose. So, don’t be alarmed if there isn’t a new post up every two seconds, as this bitch, has got to work!! (hahaha) However, do feel free to fight over me, in the meantime, as it really does give my massive ego, a good old massage. (whatever, Big Heads….wink wink…ROCK.)

Life is good, i definitely need a nightcap (looooong day). My computer service SUCKS, yet we rejoice as ‘Wunna’ is getting her noggings out, and taking over the world… in hot bitch heels!! I love you, i miss you, and  a friend and I have made the executive decision, over Instant Message, that i will never die via swinging from a noose, as I’m too beautiful, to go out in such a manner…. it would be so wasteful.

Nighty night boys!! I lurve you!!

4 thoughts on “Hot bitch heels”

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  2. Princess, do you still have those “make boys cry” t-shirts.” They looked so great on you and so appropriate.


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