Home Sweet Flattery ;)


Home, relaxed and loving life! Work was AMAZING today and because i’m finally getting my jiggy on and being lifted from all hazes, obstacles and with a confident flair. Things are going swimmingly..better than normal and i’m really proud of myself. I’m excelling at the day job, i’m really going to do well with this whole lash line business…i’ve made some amazing new friends, who are ALL  good of heart and good of soul…and well i feel grateful, lucky and happy to simple be…ME! 🙂 I’m celebrating being Chrissie Wunna and want everyone to know that life may shoot you down with it’s big old glory bazookas, but you can always get back up, wiggle, wink and smile, they with a cocktail, high five it, champion through and DO EVEN BETTER than you ever imagined. I can’t believe how well i’m doing and only because I’ve had such a shit 2014 so far, that even I was tested at my game of life. But i did it. I FUCKING DID IT! Yeeeeah baby! Hella YEAH! You know those moments that you imagine, where you’re doing well for yourself, the babies and the best person you could be. I’M THERE RIGHT NOW! I’m there!!! So if there was going to be a success story, it would start right here…at this point! (And thank f*** for that! Please do excuse my swearing, but at times it really does make good times better. I’ve fought this year and well the battle is over. Life has turned easy and shimmied over to *wink.*)

Great day today. So, hope you had a great one also. If you didn’t don’t worry. Sleep it off and start fresh. The good thing about having a tomorrow is that you CAN ALWAYS try again.

Okay, so I Facebook status’ed the ‘Single Mum’ thing and well I guess you all focused in on the ‘single’ part of it and not the ‘Mum’ part of it. Lol. The girls, zoned in on the ‘men suck- mum’ thing and the boys ALL ZOOMED INTO the ‘SINGLE’ thing. Like i had just declared I had money growing off trees and champagne flowing out my nipples, almost every man that may have ever fancied me, even a little decided to send me a loving message of ‘maybe me.’ 🙂

I AM EXTREMELY FLATTERED. Obviously, i’m concentrating on work, babies and me right now. Yet i am very honoured to have options. Lol. So, your messages have been a delight. There’s been the fans, the friends, the doctor, the exes, the butcher, baker…joking…there’s been the ex RALPH LAUREN MODEL MUCH, the Hollywood boys…and well…lots of guys from LA who know me better than most. The dudes dig in in The States. My personality fits in super well with them because they adore feisty over there. The boys are quite strong, emotionally, mentally and physically across the pond. You have to be in tinsel town. You get rejected every day.

But anyway the good thing is that most of my LA friends are now wanting to fly over and visit me, which I welcome with open arms because I miss them so much and I haven’t been able to make it due to being pregnant ALL THE TIME and now working. So, I can’t wait and i’m looking forward to seeing them, one by one, as they all carefully select their flights over! Thank GOD! I adore playing Tour Guide and it’ll be nice to have them stay with me. (FYI, I’m moving..in days.)

I’m celebrating today because i’ve had such a wonderful day and well i know that with a little hard work, you really do get everything you want. Be it in life, work, love or anything! I feel lucky. I love you.

Thank you for following my life.

C x







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  1. Damn you are looking soooo fit in your recent shots!

    Normally I try to post an eloquent appraisal but this latest set are affecting my normal loquaciousness to the point I can just about draw enough breath to manage an “oooft”.


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