Holiday Mode Accomplished


Today, I learnt to CHILL. (‘L’ Plates…OFF!)

I have utterly enjoyed my absolute day of rest, doing nothing and relaxing. It was kinda forced upon me, but sometimes, when you’re a being who accidentally works full time, has the babies, runs errands, has a busy mind….you forget to be able to  commit to ‘just relaxing’ and ‘enjoying.’ I mean it took a few hours, but once I got into it, I enjoyed it, embraced it, plonked on my tiara and loved it. I’m on my week off work and kittens…it feels DIVINE.

I finally have a wine, I’m waiting for Ruby to be dropped off by Pete, I’m in my pyjamas and after a marathon of reality tv shows, Googling things that make me smile (like following Teresa Guidice’s story)  and slumming it….life feels like a holiday.

My home is so hot that it feels like the Maldives. Just because I have heat now, i’m abusing it. You could plonk a deck chair and an umbrella drink infront of me now, and i’d feel a sense of utter holiday bliss. They should ditch the SnoZone at Xscape and turn it into a luxury ‘feels like holiday resort’ room. I’d pay good money for that! Snowy things terrify me. I see cold and run away. I mean, even that celebrity reality show ‘The Jump’ is sinister. Half of those Celebs have been injured or bumped in the cold. Never good. Never like the Maldives. I’m sure they’re saying, ‘I got my £100,000 pay check, but broke my neck, in ski goggles.’ AWESOME!

(The reality of it all, is that my home is deliciously warm and absolutely sweaty. I’m getting carried away with the luxury holiday comparison. But that’s what i love about Me. I can always see the best in a situation.)

I had a great night of chill last night with the babies. I’m feeling 100 percent more calm right now after this afternoon. I have my new toe separators on…so what more could a glamour puss want. I’m not even ranty, right now. I’m happy, smiling…and filled with a glittery shower of content.

I’d share my wine with you, if i could actually be bothered. But right now, i’m going to put my feet up, lay on the sofa and smile!

Life is GREAT!



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