Hip Hop, Ruby, Salon Day


It’s ages since I got those flowers and sighted Baby Howel aka Baby Wazza, meaning i haven’t managed to fit in a blgo for an entire WEEK! Wowzers! Lots and lots has happened, work wise, success wise, in the home and emotionally…but mainly and more than anything, the number one thing that has happens is WORK.

Yep, I have been working my pretty little arse off and well…you can jump off the cliff with your fingers crossed, stand ten feet tall after 2 bottles of wine, or you forget about chancing it…and dedicate yourself to hard flipping work, in order to get the results you want. It works. Plus, i’m fricking lucky. Meaning, my life..right now…is PHENOMENAL! πŸ™‚

I worked the entire weekend and well i’ll work through this whole week. Today is my day off, so Ruby and I had our ‘one on one’ day, which as you all know consists of her favourite, which is shopping, posh dining, mild kiddie stuff and going to the nail salon. I know it may sound bizarre that she’s always doing grown up stuff, yet really, if you knew Rubes…she has just always been that way. Yes, mainly down to my accidental influence, she watched Mummy and wants to do the same. However, she’s been doing restaurants since she was 3 months old and following Mummy to the salon always…meaning they’re not foreign places to her. In fact, they’re pretty normal. I’d also like to point out that i’m not a ‘toddler and tiara’s’ kinda Mum. I’m the opposite. Therefore it’s not done to beautify and simply done in the name of ‘chill. Glamour pusses, chill in their most comfortable environments. Salons, shopping, handsome faces and five* luxury….is our favourite. πŸ™‚ (I had to buy her another rip off teddy today from Build a bear.) I only had a brief, gentle rant because one lady pulled at a face at me,w hen i asked if Ruby could have her nails painted in the salon. STOP SCOWLING. Firstly, rules of wrinkles much. πŸ™‚ Secondly, I’m not scowling at you…so crack a smile and get out of my bubble. (‘To the left, to the left.’)

Anyway, Ruby/Mummy day went awesomely and we’re now home chilling, watching telly, eating mini Millies’ cookies and cuddling. I have ‘one on one’ days with the babies, simply because there’s two and just ME. (Thanks for that fathers. πŸ™‚ ) Β I think it’s important that they have they’re own time with me…as they fight for it usually…right now they’re getting on splendidly. Junior has turned into a LOVE BUNNY. He wants to softly cuddle, caress and open mouth kiss EVERYTHING. It’s worrying. But soooo cute, i could EAT HIM. He’s soooooooooooo ADORABLE. I can’t even explain it to you. Ruby is just a diva. Point blank..a Diva, even nursery say it. Looks wise, she is her father in a frock…as I like to say. Personality wise, she is ALL WUNNA. In fact, SO WUNNA, it is terrifying. We have feisty women in our family. The boys are all passive, but the chicks are all fire! She laughed at me today because she thinks i don’t know who Eminem and Rihanna are, she asked for a sword, and she talked to every stranger going. UGH! ‘Hi, what’s your name, what are you doing here, have you met my Mum Chrissie?’

I’m really lucky to have them both. We’re currently the acest functioning family ever. Things have just fallen perfectly into place now…and well i could even dare say we’re ‘winning’ at it. πŸ™‚ Life that is. Roll on the beauty line and then BINGO…we’ve made it. Wahoo! IN YOUR FACE 2014! Bad start, awesome finish. (Totally just Tweeted the Hip hop lullaby CD that i’m intending to purchase for Junior and Howel. Baby Lullaby version of Gangsta Paradise and Lose Yourself. What is more awesome! Our babies WILL be hip hoppidy!! Wazza reckons Howel’s going to be a goth just to spite him. πŸ™‚ My children wouldn’t DARE be goths, or refuse to like hip hop. Yeah they like Frozen, yeah they love ‘Let it go…,’ yeah we play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle.’ But my kids certainly get down to a bit of ‘No diggity,’ a dash of ‘Drop it like it’s hot’, with me most days! They love it.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about love a lot recently and well the art of love is to not always think and analyse, but to just get on with it and love. So, i’m just grazing through life, loving it and seeing what occurs. I’m a lucky little cow, frilly socks and everything. So, i’m smiling and well just really working hard. Today, i feel like i’m actually going to make it. The lash line is going to be divine. Love is always around me….it’s everywhere I look. When is comes to being a girl, we just love to be adored and cherished and comforted. We love support, respect, loyalty and appreciation. I love a dash of Princess treatment. More than anything, love makes me feel ALIVE. But so does success. πŸ™‚ I’m quite well balanced, or just greedy.

Lots of great stuff has happened and is actually currently happening and as always i’m ever so grateful. I can’t even believe it. I even had a random psychic women pause and then stop me in a supermarket and say, ‘Great things are going to happen to you.’ Whether they do or don’t…it was just ace to hear it. My story just ends wonderfully…that i have always be sure about. How…i never knew? So yeah, even though i’m quite practical now, whole, quit with the fingers crossed brigade and work hard to make things happen…i’m still quite whimsical…still quite spiritual and well i still think things fate, chance and luck have a bit to do with things. I mean look at Matt…(Matt Myles.) I chatted Β to him on Facebook briefly and well he’s the guy who just won the Euromillions. Just like that too. Quit his factory job. Started living his life the way he had always wanted. That was chance and it worked. Anything can happen.

Anyway, i better trot off. I’ve had an ace da and a great evening planned. Y’know the greatest thing about today was the fact that Ruby saw a little girl with a ‘Build a Bear’ pony on wheels…they were glitter roller skates to be exact and with a glitter lead. She wanted it sooo badly. To the point that her eyes were lit with absolute ‘gee whiz.’ And I guess, being in a position to just be able to get her it, or anything that she wanted, without having to think twice or for even half a second and down to working super hard… makes me happy. Happiness is what life is about. I’m think i’m filled with lots of ‘well done me’ today. I’m working hard, but for a reason. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



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