Hilariously Hopeless….

OMG! Funniest day ever. I’m ashamed and embarrassed of myself, but then really i was actually told that things aren’t embarrassing, if your not really embarrassed…so maybe i should file myself under ‘amazing.’ I’ve been a bit of a flirt machine today, because i’m recovering from an ever so awful broken heart, and i figured since everyone was glaring at Me anyway, i might aswell milk it. Jamie Fox taught me that. He said, ‘With a face like that, Gurl u bedda beable to handle the pants.’ I’m like an annoying child, i’m being really naughty just through excitement and if you know me well, well my excitement gets the better of Me….which ruins things. Yet ruining things is what i do best. Applause please.

I was floating around all peach ‘sex in the city’ dress, like a ‘Mean Girl’ angel and due to work i was feeling on top of the world. I bought a Chanel bag today, to ease my soul, then found myself trapped inbetween about 100 chinese people, all screaming for free bags of rice. Hahaha…how appropriate. I walked into that huddle a ‘vision of beauty’ and walked out of it looking like an over sexed tramp. Luckily i love the ‘over sexed tramp’ look and so do you apparently. I had my picture taken in a bookstore and above me was the ‘self help’ sign…LOL. Oh my god!! I’ve worked all day, just got home, organising my life and then all of a sudden around 3 o clock ish, my body broke down on me, as did my mind and my heart began to hurt again. WHAT!!!!! I thought i was over this? I don’t know what happened, but i stopped moving for one second, and then something crazy came over me and i missed him. UGH!! I guess the trick is to keep moving, and keep otherwise occupied so you don’t have to feel. I’m mad at myself. I need a slap..a big one or a new love interest. But then that’s not gonna solve anything is it?? I have a great career. I need to forget about MEN.

Anyway you’d think, i’d just get over it right, but no…i over dramatically flustered to the nearest store bought a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine and sat in a bar, all peach ‘sex in the city’ dress, with diamante heels, and numbed my ‘noise’ with booze. Hahaha! CHAMPION!!! I’m sure it’ll take time. Well not for him coz he doesn’t care. But for me, there’s gonna be loads more moments like this. LOL. I’m tragic. That stupid ‘stop & stare’ song was playing in the backgrround too. UGH! Worst when needing to perk up. I put my sunglasses on…drank the cocktail, stabbed a cocktail umbrella in my hair and strutted off. I thought i’d feel like that for ages, but then an hour later i popped out of it and now i feel AMAZING again. I just need to keep moving or do a massive amount of drugs!! (I’m joking…shut up.)

I’m back at home now after a big day. Life is getting better. I just really thought ‘he’ liked me more than that? My world still crumbles at odd times in the day. His doesn’t! ‘Latin lover’ called me this morning…. Oh god and those stalker things on Facebook are so loser hilarious they’re great. I’ve been on everyone’s stalker list..EVERYONE’s and i haven’t even been on half of the profiles in like a YEAR!!! Hahahaha… I did mine and i didn’t personally know ONE person  on my list apart from my number ‘1’ stalker.. Hahahah… I love it. I’m a bit drunk now. Yay! Have fun!!!

6 thoughts on “Hilariously Hopeless….”

  1. I have no idea, I mean we don’t even like each other.

    ohhhhhhh you missed chris pole dancing last night, he was rather good.

  2. Well THANX everyone for INVITING ME!!!! Hahaha. Chris really is doing himself proud. He looked so trashed the last time i saw him. We laughed at him.,…but thats probably how we looked that ‘weed on doorstep’ night.

  3. I wasn’t out with them lot I went out for a quiet one because I was mad at wanker.

    I thought that was staing secret. YOUR FAULT.


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