Here we go again…

Wow! So hasn’t this morning been a tricky little treat! It’s like Perv-insecure male Central this morning in Wunnaland. I’m being sexual harassed for breakfast and for once i don’t actually like it. (Lol.) Becareful what you wish for…’coz when you get it, it sucks! (Which i guess is good, if you’re a guy..winky wink. )

I’ve been insanely perved on this morning, by guys who have got this whole ‘romance’ thing wrong. I guess they’re ‘Prod the Wunna’ fans who are wrongly guessing how i would like a man to be. All i’m gonna say is…not one of my boyfriends has ever told me they want to cum into an empty pint, milk my pussy and make me drink it, followed up with a ‘U worthless whore’ after a giant ‘don’t u feel a bit silly for saying that’ turn down by The Wunna. (Sandy Cristel, the sexy witch… enhanced my sex appeal…it worked. And boy is it crazy but i’m handling the ‘cock,’ as i need it to be this way for people to actually eventually listen to me.) But starting from today…i’m outing each pervert i know, but only the ones that really deserve a smash in the face for treating a woman quite badly. And no i don’t bring it on myself…you just have ‘Mummy didn’t love me’ issues. So deal! (Ugh…fucking hell, i’m accidently locked in a  room and my phones not working. It’s deciding to delete all my texts messages before i actually get to read them and my BBM has broken. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo!)Where was I? Oh yeah Perverts! Oh & hang on…i did want to say for those of you who are getting ya knick knacks in a twist over me stating that i ‘model my life on Gary Glitter.’ It was a JOKE! A JOOOOOKE!!! (as i obviously don’t get as much ass as him.) Jooooooke!!  Haha..I have a really rubbish sense of humour i know…yet obviously i don’t mean it and if you think i do, then you’re sick! All smiles!

Okay, So this morning on Facebook…i’m thumbing (but not… as it’s online) through my messages etc…and my ‘chat’ starts insanely blinking at me. Box, after box, after box…starts demanding my attention (yawn) and well i guess as per usual, i just picked the wrong box. It started off really nice, all ‘hey how are you, i’m a huge fan..from Canada,’ then 4 lines in, randomly went into this: (but a lot worse)

‘I can fuck for 3 hours from the training i have done with deep breathing. I can cum 3 times without stopping. I want to make you cum hard and milk your pussy.’ (It went on and on and didn’t stop.) So i replied with an ‘and?‘ Followed by an ‘I don’t really care…ur being a bit silly.’ Then i did finish off with a big awkward diva turn down. He did the usual ‘feel all rejected and pathetic’ and have to resort to calling me ‘skank & disgusting whore.’ (Playground tactics.) I simply purred and moved on. It’s hard being ‘Dwayne Hrapchak’ on Facebook. (Oops! Who said that?? He’s deleted his profile now. Wunna wins!)

Lots of you guys are also asking for me to private email you pix? That’s not going to happen. Firstly…there’s enough pictures of me online for you to ‘heave-ho’ too. Secondly i will quite happily mail a signed picture, or poster…but there will not be any sneaky little naked shots of me to your inbox. I hardly know you? I’m not sure why you get off on that or why you think i would want to do that? This floozey is confused??Oh and those of you who are harassing to see my body on webcam (‘Rishi Sharma’)…i’m saving it for those that i pick to share it with in my real life and the Dear Lord Jesus Christ. And you know what yeah…i do on occasion send ‘handsomes’ personal pics of me to their phone or inbox etc…AND show them a boobie on webcam (hahaha….classy mover) but they’re usually my boyfriend or someone i’m sort of dating and they’re usually NICE guys! (lol) Like Boyband Jonny gets them all the time…and that’s because he’s not telling me he wants to cum in me 10 million times, and milk my fucking pussy and jizz all over eveything in sight…lol Fucking hell! I’m a ‘love bunny,’ more than i am a vixen..even though i do have my moments!  It makes me laugh. I’m learning a lot about men.

Had a great night last night, that i can’t tell u anything about. I’ll remember it and it will tickle me for centuries .If you knew half the stuff that i actually got up too…’d crack up. My Mother would be horrifed. Great night. Lots of fun! Quite impressed. Winks!

26 thoughts on “Here we go again…”

  1. see although i chat shit i aint ever that rude i like our banter i hope u have a good day babe. boyband johnny is a lucky guy ha ha ha

  2. my pleasure babe see i might come across like a dimlow but i know how to treat a richard chrissie u are guarenteed a steak meal and shampoo with me darling

  3. Hahah, hello my Darling ‘Diva Tiana Starr Jones’ (going to steal your name and use it as my own…in sex clubs.) Yeah tell me about it. They all think i’m their girlfriend. I mean i don’t mind a perv…i just dont like a naggy one!

  4. Of course you can use! A fabulous name for a fabulous lady! Delusional perverts are the worst, how do they think detailing their cock size & how ‘great they are in bed!’ A translation they have cock the size of a cocktail sausage, & they will last approximately 3.5 seconds in bed! (That’s been kind!)

  5. tina is right if u are that big and that good u aint gonna shout about it u just keep your mouth shut u dont need to go on about it coz u know u got it and if someone finds out it will knock em bandi in person not someone saying i got a 12 incher and i go on for 3 hours and i will make u cum 11teen times lets be honest u starts saying all that and people think oh is that bullshit i can spell

  6. I dont mind that…i just ignore it or think its funny…i just hate the naggy pestering ones..who send you 17 messages at a time, then bitch you out and don’t take no for an answer. I can’t be bothered! They’re like naggy fucking wives and half of them have girlfriends!!

  7. i know u get mugs like that babe fuck em they are divs u are a diamond babe and i love it when we can chat but i undertand u are a busy richard so u crack on to a richard wich is less busy ha ha ha


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