Hello Top five

Happy afternoon you delicious bundles of love bunny. Just to remind you that you are reading this little blog with the wonderful members of the world, with excellent taste and an eye for a Glamour Puss.

You are not at all alone. The world is living, right here with you. We all love, we all cry, we all laugh, we all live. If i can bring people together for one delicious moment, then i feel like my job is quite merrily done.

Whether you are a teenage girl in Japan, just getting home from school, or a middle aged man from Utah, alone with no one to love? If you are a shirtless hottie in Spain, laid with an iphone on the beach, or a 2o something lady, in a taxi thinking about your falling apart relationship? Whether you’re an actor in Hollywood, at a coffee shop wishing for stardom, or a housewife in Britain wishing for better times…I’ve been all of the above…apart from a man and in Japan…:) Welcome to Wunna Land. I’m bringing you together and purely by accident. It’s amazing how it’s all kinda happened. (I mean my first blog entry ever, that i began years ago in LA, before this actual site was born, was written by someone else, on Myspace because i didn’t know what to say? ) Thankyou for reading. I don’t know why you do, or whether i deserve it. Lol. But i love it! (So don’t flipping stop.) I do totally think i deserve it. Lets not get carried away with the humility. 🙂

The current TOP FIVE countries reading my blog, THIS MONTH, so far…are:

1. USA





Thankyou so much! You’re company is greatly appreciated!

Make your mark. Live out your dreams. Celebrate who and what you stand for. If you’re down, get HAPPY right now! Do not wallow in self pity. It’s a waste of your precious time!  Be bold. Be noticed. Care not what others think and MARCH forward. You can achieve ANYTHING. All you have to do is believe and love a confetti shower! 😉

All my heart,

Chrissie Wunna x

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