hello hello heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllo

Another lovely hot, sweaty day. I am adorning the coloours baby pink, and baby blue, and have added a little ‘hip hop’ McChic to my stylio today!! Which is a decorative way of saying, i look weird, and everyone is staring at me (my favourite) as they can’t quite decide whether i am a celebrity or a crazy hooker??? Either is fine, as there should be nothing ‘normal’ about being a Glamour Puss.

I am currently running around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything that needs doing done. I  know that i’m supposed to be headed to a BBQ, (and i LOVE BBQ’s) yet i managed to leave my pink phone(which happens to run my life for me) at home…so i guess that idea is out the ruddy window. God, it’s hot today!! I love it!! This time two years ago i was having coffee, with a dude called Luke Goss, at Coffee Bean, on 3rd and La Cienega…he thought i was american and was telling me that he use to be in a famous pop band in England called, ‘Bros.’ I sniggered and told him to tell me all about it!! (‘When will i, will i be Faaaaaaaaaaaaaamous???’ ) I loved ‘Bros.’ I think i actually more loved blond twins??? I asked him whether he was hitting on me? He said ‘No!’  I looked like a twat!! Oh YES!!! Then i made fun of him for having sequins on his t-shirt, behind his back (ofcourse)….i was bitter

I’ve godda go….kisses

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