He saved my soul…


Hey everyone! I couldn’t really be bothered to write a blog today, so i spent the day working on my ‘soul’…(and oh what work it needs) hence why it’s up a wee bit late. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and i remember when i used to write this blog ages ago in Hollywood, when i was little. Back then it was so raw, emotional, Me and well…funny. It was really honest and i wrote it just for Me, instead for everyone else. I told my stories be they good or bad, and well the support i have in Los Angeles is phenominal as they never judged me, yet always found me to be this amazingly layered creature. I spoke of my sadness, aswell as my happiness. It was always done via written word…there was never any boobies on my blog. It was just the story of a girl, trying to make her dreams come true & struggling through life. (Which is something everyone can relate to.)

7 thoughts on “He saved my soul…”

  1. i am pleased u found someone who saved your soul and i have to say i realy like this blog and i like it when u are honest chrissie even when u are honest when u mug me or take the piss out of me being a chavvie essex boy. even though i like looking at your thrupneys chrissie i think it is good u give up the glamour game babe as i think u have a lot more to offer the world than just your mustard thrupneys.

  2. Awww…how sweet of u Mr. scratchy. Thankyou! I just took a wrong turn. But we learn. Oh and the ‘saving soul’ boy won’t talk to me anymore…

  3. is it im sorry to hear that chrissie i hope u both patch things up chirssie coz he sounds like a special guy. yes we do take wtong turns in life and getting out of them and learing from them make you stronger i think chrissie i hope u have a great week mrs wunna

  4. Chrissie,
    Your new direction is going to be fabulous 🙂
    I totally admire and respect you for it, you little diva.
    You’re so gorgeous, you’ll be sure to find happiness wherever you go 🙂

    Was I the boy you met 2 months ago who changed your life!? hahahaha 🙂

    Love you, lovely. xxx

  5. Hi Tom Tom

    Thankyou loooads! I feel much better now. Hopefully everyone will get to truely know me and how i really am a lot better . Yeah i took a wrong turn, but it’s part of learning ourselves. We all make mistakes my pudding pie. I just made a big one.

    I wish you happiness to lovely!! Oh and well…the ‘save my soul’ boy knows who he is. (U saved my dignity after I got upstaged by Peppa Pig. lol)


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