He Missed that Memo


This week has been looooooooooooooooooooong. Lol.

I’ve had a stressful evening. Not really a stressy, stressful one. But one that I dedicated to the babies (which I loved) and got really annoyed at with Ben.

On the whole, chicks get stressed out at boys, don’t we? Lol. We can always manage to enjoy the things that we adore about them and when we’re feeling hormonal, hard done by, or when we haven’t *voiced out* enough about the niggly things that they do, which are only niggly, but to us, at the time, seem ‘mountain’ large, we *bottle in* and then *release* Lol…as I like to say.

It’s a normal part to any girls makeup and a very normal part to any longterm relationship.

The babies are happy and fine. Love the babies!!!!!! Work was great. Really great. I was swirled in good company and banter.

As soon as I got home, something seemed all dramatic and ‘off’ button, so i expressed by self by doing the ‘ignoring’ thing. (It’s the formula we use when you walk around the house, pulling faces at your partner…yet at the same time making sure they know that your pissed off.)

Everything hit *pause* button, on that matter because the focus went on happiness, Ruby and Junior. Yet as soon as they were both rested in bed…’talking it through’ happened. Ugh.

And when ‘talking it through ‘happened, which is only the time where in which you need to express how you feel bluntly (well I do it bluntly, well I only do it bluntly because I can’t help it, i don’t like to dilly dally and i’m just a direct person.) it went tits up and pear shaped, because he argued it out with ‘silly bits’ and when i think i’m right…you can’t argue ANYTHING out with me…as i’m lawyer good and filled with lovey blow, home truths. I’m always pretty calm, but I guess in that moment, you want the guy to be ultra kind, ultra loving and I guess just understanding. That’s how we expect them to react to our stick of dynamite, isn’t it? Lol. WE want them to talk it through with us, get where we’re coming from and deliver some kind of manly, yet happy solution to make it all better. He missed that memo. Guys always miss that memo. And the subject matter of the ‘talking it through’ wasn’t even major. But because it wasn’t diffused immediately…it went on.

That’s currently where we are with it now………


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