He has a Jewish nose

So i love how i’m judging my wellness, on how much ‘pepsi made cheeky’ i can drink, without falling around wasted. I’m at the stage where, you dance around to any Britney Spears, (before her crazy druggie meltdown) song you can find, and think you’re sooooo hot, whilst you do!! Life is GRAND!! I can’t see! Yay!!

I also managed to offend more people, by telling someone they had a ‘Jewish nose.’ They retaliated by claiming i was ‘Pastey’ since i quit the LA sunshine. Then I gobbed off, by stating that THEY only decided to call me ‘pastey’ because I said they had a Jewish nose, and an insult only counts when they make the first remark!!! They continued to remark on my ‘pastiness,’ so i continued to claim their nose was ‘Jewish…’ (note to everyone: I’m not racist…i like his nose! I just said it was ‘Jewish’ like my eyes are slanted, and my gnash smells of chicken chow mein, and i constantly ‘WING da WONG’ number etc…..) So he decides i should keep MY nose, out of HIS jewish nose business!! I did…we’re now fine & dandy!! Life is greatness!!

I want a cuppa tea!

2 thoughts on “He has a Jewish nose”

  1. do u drink rosie then chrissie i aint realy a tea man me self. im pleased u are feeling better know chriise continue to have fun dancing around to britney the pre druggie years. i bet some geezer has made a small fortune out of selling her all her bugal. dont worry about offending people chrissie just say what u think babe it is best to be honest take care chrissie tada scratch


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