Have it all!


Wishing you a happy ‘Easy like’ Sunday morning!

Sorry, i didn’t blog last night. I shopped all day and was so shocked at how phenomenally well behaved my children were that I congratulated them with extra adoration all evening, as I slipped into ‘super chill’ mode. This morning they’ve been terrors, yet i blame my poor disciplinary skills. I’m rubbish at being hard on them because when you’re a glamour puss, who’s been through a great deal and can still laugh it off, you kinda want to cut folk some slack. 🙂

It’s just dawned on me that tomorrow morning, i’ll be plonking on my suit of ‘day job’ armour and having to go back to work. UGH! Fair enough…it had to happen, but when you’ve enjoyed 2 weeks off of absolutely peace and boasted about it, to make everyone ‘having to go to work’ feel shitty.you kinda pull faces and whop your ‘ho hum’ arm out and get to it. I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s just the thought of hitting ‘restart’ that drives me insane.

I’ve hit ‘restart’ a lot in 2014. Lol. It’s always been bad, so i’m far more nervous to ‘hit’ it again and again, as the months go by during this year. I’m ballsy, so i do it anyway, but i can feel my sense of nerves, which is something that I never ever used to feel. 🙂

Luckily, I saw my psychic yesterday…a really great one and my future is bright, positive and filled with excitement. I’m apparently a ‘challenge’ type of girl, who didn’t’ sign up for a life of boredom, as it’s just not who i naturally am. I seek a challenge, i work tooth and nail to get what i want and where I want to be….then once complete (as I do usually get there in the end) …i find the next life challenge and recovery really easily from anything dodgy that occurs. I’m good like that. HURRAH! Wine for everyone…but you?

I do like to push myself, yet when it comes to love, I don’ t like a challenge now that i’m old and i know a great deal more about men. It’s the ‘boys’ that get to the game of love and the MEN, who take you on in a whirlwind of true love and romance and make you feel alive again. That (to me) is what being a man in love is. I know what i love, who i love, why I love…and everything inbetween. I’m not a dafty. I’ ve learnt along the way. But i do want to remind you that I’ve also learnt that romance is ‘t just roses and champagne…It isn’t an allowance, or ‘take a dip in my wallet babe.’ It isn’t ‘just talk’ it’s an action. But none of that means anything, if it isn’t dipped in true love, that beams from not just someone’s heart, but their soul. And could you really go through life doing ‘pretend’ love? No. True love is being able to let life throw shit at you and when all’s said and done finding that you’re still able to grow from it together and master ‘forever’ with a smile.

I’m now completely missing the forest and need to book it again immediately. YOU all really do need to go, simply because it accidentally becomes your happy place, as it keeps everything simple and reminds you to relax, appreciate love, life, beauty and what matters. I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my life and that little woods is currently my perfect place on the planet. It sort of makes me proud of myself because I didn’t grow up to be some superficial, tagged out, horror of a girl…I actual grew into a decent, wise old,  human being. I know…i’m shocked too! 🙂 FUCK YEAH!!! 🙂 🙂

Today, i’m lunching and chilling with my family. It’s windy, it’s annoying…as it makes my eyelashes flutter without my consent. I’m making changes and i’m enjoying the peace of still that I have now, as apparently in a month and half, things won’t be so peaceful…however i’ve been assured that it is VERY GOOD excitement and THANK THE LORD for it!!!

Opportunities are on the rise and i’m happy, at the same time as looking for more. I’m trying to chill, but my mind is busy and i’m rubbish at selling myself short…which is a good thing, in my book. 😉

There’s stuff in this world for me that i’m ready to conquer, so i’m reaching for the stars and going for it big time now.

I’m a girl that’s telling you that in life you can HAVE IT ALL. You just have to yeah believe it, but stay focused enough to DO IT.




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