Happy Wednesday!


It’s the hardest day of the week for most! It’s Wednesday, a day that I refer to as ‘hump’ day! Most people think Monday is shite, but once you get over the initial ‘wake up,’ you’re actually better than you think. Wednesday is the day, where the light at the end of the tunnel, hasn’t quite pierced through yet and the best way to do it, if you’re not at home drinking cocktails, is to have good clean fun, yet of a rebellious nature.

I’m a wee bit tired this morning, because Ben and I were up until 1.30am, in the morning, being productive. Well…I watched ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ as he edited his brand new VLOG. Yep, our Benny now has a ‘Diet Journey’ vlog and I cannot even tell you how proud of him I am, as it kinda takes him a lot to put himself out there and plonk his life on Youtube.

Oh and incase you’re wondering, I didn’t MAKE him do it, Lol….he truly decided to come up with it himself and it brings a smile to my face, simply because it must means that he’s getting a great deal more confident by nature, as our time together is passing….even if he doesn’t believe that!

But please do have a peek at his Vlog…

He’ll really appreciate it….as will I.

Okay, I feel like i’ve had about an hours sleep because i then had to get up at six o clock this morning, to film an audition video for a show. I looked rough on it an had to do it twice, but i’m confident by nature, so i *winged* it. I hate looking rough on videos. But whatever, it’s real life. Hahah. It happens.

Fitting everything inbetween a work schedule and babies, is not easy, but i’m doing it. Obviously, i would’ve much preferred to record an audition at some kind of sociable hour. However, i’m not that lucky. So ah well. You get what you’re supposed to. I have nothing to lose.

I really need a coffee. I’m about to head off to work. My baby Ruby has her injections today at the Doctors and i’m so nervous for her. My mum has to take her simply because i’m rubbish at being able to watch someone jab my loin fruit. It upsets me and i turn all *sad face.’ But i’ll see her straight after for cuddles.

Baby Junior also returns from his Daddy’s today, so i couldn’t be happier. My heart is filled with JOY!! WOOOOOO! I can’t wait ot get my little Asian dumpling back.

This year is already going well. I could’ve just done with another hours kip.

Could you?

Enjoy you’re day of ‘hump’ and wiggle your way through it with panache.

I’ll leave you with my ‘leaving the forest’ video…simply because I miss it badly…

Can’t wait to see the babies!!!


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