Happy Monday!



So, it seems that i’ve been wearing too tight pants. Which would mean that they have been the cause of me being unable to have working preggo legs. Last night, I managed to brain storm and switch my tight jeggings for big baggy Keiran ‘that he doesn’t wear’ flannel pyjama bottoms…and well OH MY GOODNESS, I have never slept better AND this morning when I woke up, blood had actually circulated to my ankles, meaning that I could actually walk and without pain! Hurrah! I love being pregnant once more. What the hell was i doing strutting around in Size 8 jeggings. I’m the size of a fricking house. It’s funny how pregnant women tend to hold onto their ‘before pregnant’ size. You’ll see an array of preggos Facebook statuses stating that they are 7 months pregnant yet ‘still in their size 8 jeans.’ I can now walk because i’ve ditched my size tiny and embraced the fact that above the Size * line is a GIANT belly, with a human in it. I’m now a happy preggo..so now let’s rejoice! YIPPPEEE!

Yesterday ended up being a great day, firstly because it looked like Spring and secondly because I got to spend it with my gorgeously lovey Hubby face. We had a family day. A day where one of his older sisters, equipped with one of his younger sisters, sidelined with new going to be a Daddy ‘Sam,’ plus Keiran and I, went to show the big sister where she was going to be living. #

Keiran loves property and as you know he’s been buying away in order to rent them out, in order to build an empire…and it’s going well. He finally has the perfect tenant (his big sis) to reside in his brand new property and yesterday was the day we all ventured down to show her it.

She loved it! Everything was spacious, light and beautiful. Just what she needed after a bad few months of..well the only problems we women have are those created by men. 🙂 We all had a blast…then I demanded that we all go look at the three beautiful glammed up showrooms, so I could pretend that I lived in them. We did…and HOLY SHIT, it was magical. I showed them around the homes like they were my own. 🙂 I’m good like that! I adore any show hoen with a passion. I prefer things when they’re dolled up and presented perfectly. We all fell in love, well the little sis got a bit grumpy because she felt jealous. HAHAH. But on the whole..good memories were made, which put a smile on my miserable face.

The evening was given to takeaway night and Keiran and I snuggled and chatted ‘life’ over chicken curry and rice. We’re back to really close again and well it feels perfect. I mean we can’t believe that we’ve actually only known each other for 18 months. YET it feels like we’ve been married years. I’ve found my exact match and I hope you all do to. It took me a very long time. But yeah, he’s my little bundle of ‘other half.’ He spent the night telling me I was beautiful and how much he loved me. (Yet only because I was moaning about how fat I was! 🙂 Moaning is ace when pregnant.)

Today, is going to be a good day. I’m having a hubby/wife day with my little Keiran and well hopefully it will go splendidly. I managed to shock myself last night, after finding naked pictures of him on my phone, that I completely forgot I took! It made me jump! I was like HOLY INAPPROPRIATENESS! Then i zoomed in and the memory came back. It was only the other day when we went for evening spray tans. There he was…in the buff…tanned and with his winky out. I remember that night because it was before the press launch in London. I took one and he MADE me take 100 more, as he posed.

Life is good.

Happy Monday!


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