Happy, Happy, Stress Keys



It feels SO GOOD to have my hubby back home. He wandered off for a wee bit to tend to ‘working hard,’ but when I our gate creak open and I ran to peek outside the upstairs window…there he was….like my little vision of love-fest….my hubby…BACK…and the world was a safer place. I was happy, Ruby (who had stayed up specifically to see him) was happy, Junior was happy and well this morning when we ALL did the nursery run together, Ruby turned around at that same gate with the biggest smile on her face and said, ‘Mummy AND Daddy,’ and to me that moment said it all. No-one loves family more than we love family. [He’s back. I can breathe.]

Everything’s just been perfect. I spend the whole of Sunday at Meadowhall having the best time ever with my Mum, Dad, and baby brother. I certainly need millions in order to quench my thirst of desire, yet i got what I needed and strutted onward to the next store for another *swipe.* 🙂 (Of a card and not of a product. Lol. Just to clarify.)

The children we’re both unsettled in their sleep last night and i think it was because of change. The routine in their lives changes a lot and that’s why I hope for stability and dreams come true, simply because they need routine, every needs routine, even if they say they despise it. In the words of Russell Brand ‘madness needs to be punctuated.’ However, today when we pick them both up (yes they both went today, Junior’s started nursery..his first day and because he’s having to bond with his nursery nurse before I totter back to work) they’ll be over the moon to have Daddy back and the family restored. I don’t know why it means so much to me, maybe because I feel responsible for the break up of stability for Ruby. Luckily, it was accidentally corrected and made right by Cupid, who delivered Keiran to safe guard us and our hearts with muscle, love and a decent hair cut. (Thank God, I hate guys with shit hair. 🙂 )

All was perfect and dreamy until this morning Keiran then decided to LOSE HIS  KEYS and lose them via the dramatic art of placing them upon the top of the Mercedes, whilst strapping Junior into the backseat, reminding himself to get them…forgetting to get them..and then well…as the story goes, I began driving off with his keys on top of my car. 🙂


After nursery we even made the journey juicy by making a trip into town to gather important goods and run errands, just to well and truly lose the keys. He fancied me today too…he kept looking at me bizarrely and then he couldn’t contain himself and said, ‘how come you’re dressed like that…’ ( I looked posh sexy….with those black rimmed secretary specs on that I have for fun.) I smiled whilst driving and losing his keys and simply replied, ‘I’m just trying to get back to how I was..that’s all.’ *Naughty smile back…his heart pounds.*

We did breakfast, we did coffee, he then commented on how great I looked, but firstly after stating that I only where stuff like I was wearing simply to get whatever I want. Pahaha! This morning when I was getting ready, i truly wasn’t thinking, ‘Oooh today’s outfit is to get what i want, with specs and boobies.’ I really did just throw a number on. I’m a glamour puss, who now isn’t preggo. My old clothes have come out to play again. Most things I have are delicious, meaning a ‘throw on’ is usually something suggested, fun, whorey, or glammy. 🙂

All was peaceful, brilliant and perfect.  I EVEN DROVE.

Got home, realized he lost his keys. He was reminded via flash back which is always the worst. In the exact same spot where he told himself to remember, he kicked himself with a ‘shit they’re gone.’ We got really stressed and ended up slow driving half our route again, in a mad search. HE THEN redid the route running. It filled me up with drama and poured me over with stress balls. That work van is a bastard. It has cost him so much money in drama.

We still don’t have them, but it’s getting sorted.

I’ve just had a nap and enjoyed nightmares. Lol. Jeepers.

On the work front, I’m trying hard to find my perfect position. I’ve been offered one and hopefully interviewing for more. Please keep ya fingers crossed for me. I just want that ONE GOOD SALARIED job that I simply can’t help but adore. That too is stressful…but all you can do is work your arse off and look up to the skies with hope. No good emails yet. 🙁 *Breathe*


Must trot.

C x


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