Happy Halloweeny

You can tell when a ‘handsome’ is on the look out for a wee bit of nookie, as you’ll often find him sauntering around your house naked and with his goolies out, at every given moment possible and whenever you seem to be in utter goolie eyeline. That’s the beauty of boys. At the same time as being transparent, they’re cute and funny. I mean, i find it adorable, tottering into my kitchen for a pot of green tea, and seeing goolies a dangling in the corner for my delight. Wait! Infact, that sounds a bit CSI. The goolies ARE attached to a happy, alive man, who just so happens to be rather delicious and not just randomly hanging alone from my kitchen corner. I’m not that kinky..especially by kitchen ware. I only like goolies that come attached to alive, happy,’ in love with me’ men, otherwise the goolies are pointless and really do need to squished back into a Playdoh ball and gently stuffed back into some Calvins.

Anyway, i’m feeling on top of the world this morning. The Autumn/Winter season is certainly here and i’m bizarrely loving every single minute of it kittens. I’m a wiggle, wink and a stiletto strut away from magic, in the crisp air of glory. I’ve successful managed an early morning, i’m not at all suffering from a delicious bundle of morning sickness, i’ve had cottage pie for breakfast 🙂 and dressed my glitzy child up at a stuffed pumpkin for nursery this morning, on a NON fancy dress day, in the name of Halloween.

Like i explained before, i’m not one to give a kahoonies Halloween. It’s far too cold for me to enjoy being a slutty witch for no real reason other than the end of October. I’m scary anyway…i can do ‘witch’ without the cold outfit, the going out on the razzle and in the warmth, on every day of the entire year. 🙂 I’ve never ever loved Halloween and even when i used to tremendously celebrate it in West Hollywood. I’d dress up as the sluttiest cave girl known to mankind EVERY YEAR and i would shimmie-shimmie- party it up, at the West Hollywod street carnivale until the early hours of the morning, with fireworks, fur boots, in the LA, dark, evening, heat  and with a giant, on fire, cocktail that was poured into a hugemongus pineapple with neon bendy straws. I never used to like it then. I used to just do it because, well for the sake of. Now i’m an old bird, there’s no ‘for the sake of’ anything. I’ve dressed Rubes up as a pumpkin, i’ve waved off the husband to work for the day (he’s doing a bit of extra work on Emmerdale today..we’ve been up since 6am) and i’m as happy as can be, still in my pyjamas…working.

Work wise. I’m deciding when the right time to promote my book is. I’ll do a bit for Christmas so you can all by one of a stocking filler or a friend, however i think i’ll wait until the dawn of new year, for obvious reasons for those who know. I’m doing the whole entertainment thingy, so that should go down nicely. I’m enjoying being a preggo-hontas at the same time as wiggling and next year i hope to be opening up my own beauty salon, and well this year sorting out my own and rather delightful lip gloss line! (I likey likey likey!!)

So today is all about doing work online and putting together the lip gloss ideas, so i can order my samples as soon as i possibly can. I’ve got quite a lot to catch up on and also need to remember to email wedding pics to all the right people.

I’m wanting a new car and i think we’re putting up the Christmas tree tonight! Wunna land is all ‘get lost’ Halloween, we’re so doing Crimbo now. Everything just seems to be new right now at home. We’re doing up the house and we’ve throwing everything out. We’re organizing business and keeping our hearts and fingers crossed…and i’m doing it all SOBER. #eww

I think, i’ve been set a mission of going through a toy box today and choosing what to throw out, so a Christmas tree can replace it’s existance. I’ll find that easy. I’ll only take me a second. All it is, is a look and a ‘throw all of that out now’ and we’re done! Yippeee. Roll of Crimbo!

The good thing about this Halloween is that i’m not lonely and i’m not on a random date, with a random boy, who i don’t even know if i like, whilst living in London, in my little crappy appartment, dressed as a slutty sparrow, waiting for him to arrive and take me to dinner, not knowing that he wouldn’t be in fancy dress. http://www.chrissiewunna.com/?p=5934 or http://www.chrissiewunna.com/?p=5926 for reference. (You do know that you can ALWAYS go through the chrissiewunna.com archives *look right* and see what i was doing this time 2 years ago. They’re fun because i was completely drunk, lost and outspoken back then, on dates, in London and terrifyingly blunt.)

I’m glad i’m finally whole, it really does make me happy. Lol. I made it, to the sunny side! Yippeeee! I’m home and chipper and warm, with a family and in love, with a great career on perch. I adore a dates, however now only with the man that i selected to be my ‘forever,’ which makes dates so much more fun and so much more rewarding.

Life is good. Now buy my book for your stocking this Christmas….look right and click on Amazon. Or click this link and BUY BUY BUY! 🙂 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Diaries-Glamour-Model-Chrissie-Wunna/dp/095719420X

Love you loads!

Have a Happy Halloween, from Chrissiewunna.com. Have a Tia Maria and totally think of us!

ps/ A guy on Facebook, who i don’t know, but he goes  by the name of ”Guy Baker,’ has just sent me a message reading ‘Do you like a big man? x‘  As flattered as i am to have a little fanbase, i always wonder why men choose opening sentences of that sort? I’m now having to log out of my old Facebook, simply because once one message starts, they all seem to pour in because they can see i’m on line. I think i’ll just let Wazza sort it. 🙂 Some chick is now telling me i’m a beauty and asking me if i ‘like girls.’ *Yawn*

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