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Yes! I’ve finally made it to my day off…even though I had one on Wednesday! 🙂 However, as i’ve said i’m weirdly more of an academic or an entertainer than I am one who has her forte in the art of tedious labour. 🙂 I love it though…even though yesterday was super busy and it got to the point where it seemed everything was difficult. I kept getting ‘dagger’s off people, who didn’t quite understand how long i had been working for. 🙂 I princess smiled at them…and then got on with it, as I clock watched.

Drank LOADS OF WINE last night and enjoyed every minute!

Woke up this morning, looked at holidays that i’m going to book and then ‘Yeah baby’ I FINALLY got to snuggle my babies and welcome them into EASTER! I have a big family day today. Grandma, Grandad, my brother, my cousins etc…the babies…we’re all lunching and spending time together in the name of some religious holiday..even though we’re Buddhist. I can’t wait to see my baby niece Holly and well any time Easter comes around or any holiday at that point, it’s always ace as it’s just another thing that brings families closer together. I couldn’t really get much closer to my family, as we are as tight as we could be. However, Easter is all about having chocolate for breakfast and enjoying it with your family…after an easter egg hunt. All ace! All happy!

I’m knackered. I’ve done my ankle in. But i’m loving. I can’t WAIT TO GO ON HOLIDAY! Booking shortly. AND i’m also moving, yet that seems to be taking ages, as i’m far too lazy to pack boxes. That’s why I always travel light. Keiran has said that he would help, after he talked to me on the lawn, a we sat in the sun. I made a heart out of a dandelion and he discussed us maybe ‘future re-dating’….with a SAW IN HIS HAND. Hardly comforting. Lol

Anyway, i’m not thinking about any of that, as i have too much on. I just don’t know where to place him really? Good guy? Bad guy? A guy who attempts to use charm to get what he wants? Or a  genuine human being? Bottom line…he told me that we still had feelings for one another…and that he’s like to see Junior more.

I set him on a probation run with Junior on Friday, to see what he would do, and what actions he’d put into place afterward. I mean parenting isn’t just one day or a few hours with your baby. It’s consistency. It’s being a parent even when you don’t have your baby with you. How you choose to live your life, your surroundings, your actions….ALL MATTER, when the bambino’s are around you and when they are absent.

Consistency and stability is what he certainly is lacking and  they should come hand in hand with love, loyalty and all that other good stuff….they are the two things i’m trying to see in him, as he’s set a poor example of it in the past. I mean think of how hideous he was from September 2013 to…well March. 🙂

But i’m opened minded and i’ll see. The old raomantic, stable, loving Keiran back is what I fell for. So ‘Team Keiran’ doesn’t have a chance in hell when it comes to Wunna land. I just feel as though he was only loving and nice to me the other day simply so he could windle his way to having Junior. I haven’t heard from him since he got what he wanted. #verytelling And this is a guy who will text and call me every day…even when on holiday.

BUT ANYWAY….all that will make me need a gin…

I’m back working tomorrow, so i’m going to enjoy my time with the family! LUCKY ME!



PS/ A guy…a 68 year old guy asked me if i wanted to practice sex on him yesterday, proving that men never grow up.


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