Happy Easter You Planks

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Now, I know that I said, that I didn’t at all care about Easter. I did. I did. I know. I know. However, now that it’s here..I’m all a twirl about it and simply because I’m a sucker for a celebration…ANY KIND OF CELEBRATION. So, let’s go with ‘fuck it’ and just enjoy life anyway. (I have no idea why people dwell on being miserable and insist on pouring out their toxic misery upon others. I’m the opposite. I might have a moan, yet on the whole i’m happy. Lets’ do Easter in nipples tassles and let’s roll in all in with a Sunday Sesh Bank Holiday…Even though i’m at work tomorrow.)

So, to say that Ruby didn’t go to bed until midnight and then when she did, Junior decided to wake up at 2am and repeatedly puke on things, including m face until 3am…i’m feeling GREAT!

I’m bubbled over with a joie de vivre, a lust for life, dashed in family love, work success and excitement for my days adventure. No matter what i’ll have a good time, as i’ll be drinking with friends. (I’m not someone that claims to have a good time out and about without a drink. I’m the opposite. Good company is always a winner…yet if you plonk that with a side of rum, or a cocktail, it just makes things better.)

I need a blow out, a bit of fun, a flirt, a good time…and today that’s just what the Doctor ordered. Honest! Honest! It’s in my blood. I swam down a Doctor’s penis 34 years ago and created myself in the womb of another Doc! I actually did quite well! I guess, I had an inner ‘gold digger’ glowing in my system, right from the getgo. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Incase you thought that was a bit too rude for Easter..and you have no sense of humour, or you are highly religious…don’t be retarded….it’s just BIOLOGY. *Throws diamonds at you..with a smile.*)

Anyway, we’ve actually already done our morning Easter celebrations…and Ruby’s almost ready to totter her pretty self off to ‘Daddy’s’ to ‘rinse it’ once more. I’m going to lunch with my parents. Then i’m going to glam up, doll up and strut out for drinks…

This is only a short blog, as i’m in the mood for being rebellious. Which means naughty. Which means…FUN. Which means…act like a total tool, yet completely get away with it because i’m a glamour puss and once off the telly..ages ago. When i get like this either amazing things happen, everyone gets into trouble, or i just end up sick. OR i make out with 18 year olds.

Everyone I know is out. Work friends, village friends, old friends, new friends. Friends, of friends. Acquaintances. EVERYONE is out and simply because there’s nothing else to do in Pontefract, than go to pubs and drink. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not like London where you have a playground of excitement, that you can fuck up in and never see any of those people again. EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE HERE. Kinda like LA! Hollywood is a lot smaller than you think, as everyone is after the same dream. PLUS, it’s bank holiday and well any excuse Pontefract folk can cling onto to get themselves into a state…they will. This includes MYSELF.

I’m blogging it all!

Watch this space.



PS/ I got loads of ‘relationship issue’ messages of chicks last night. My advice is to chill, enjoy being you, be interested in yourself and they’ll come. They can can’t help it. Feel you best. Look your best. Live your best. Some relationships develop immediately. Some are slow off the mark. Some just aren’t ready to bloom just yet, but do later..and others don’t make it past the first couple hurdles. ALL of that is fine…as you’ll find our Prince when you’re meant too. Now do wine, enjoy Easter and chill.


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