Happy Easter Folks.



Happy Easter Sunday Everyone! You have my greatest apologies for not finding the time to McBlog over the last few days, yet being ‘Mummy’ has taken over my life…meaning that when you have a 2 year old…it’s all choccie eggs, bunny ears and of course retail therapy.

I have no idea where I left you last, so I’ll just start wherever I feel and simply to catch you up. I hate these ‘catch up’ blogs and because they’re more like a ‘to do’ list in an ‘I did’ form…then a story.

But yeah. Saturday came…shit, i’m lying already. Friday came!! (Friday sooo felt like a Saturday didn’t it.) My delightful bit of genius daughter was off Baby School. My parents weren’t at work. My hubby was ready to challenge Easter weekend with a strut…Therefore we all hopped in our cars to Meadowhall and treated ourselves to ChaoBaby. If you’ve never been to ChaoBaby, YOU NEED TO! We had an amazing lunch and well thanks to my Mama, we delighted in gobbling up fresh foods from the land of Thailand, FOR FREE. Yay! Love my mum.

Keiran and my mum had made a deal, stating that if he came to the luncheon, she would sign up to his new business. (It’s a utilities business, so if you know us and you want cheaper utilities, phone or broadband, my hubbster is your man. 🙂 ) We started off with soups and salads, everyone was filled with happy spirit, Ruby was a treat and then Keiran decided to chance his immune system with red chilli peppers. They made him cry because he is yet to summon his inner Oriental. You can’t chew on chilli peppers from the slaggy part of Asia, like their Fruitella’s if you’re not used to it. I mean, my mum used to give me them when I was 5..for breakfast. But i’m Burmese. She probably fed me our guinea pigs at some point too. However, I enjoy that my lovely hubby will ‘have a go’ at embracing his inner orient, as he now has half a Burmese family and will go on to have a bundle of mixed raced children.

They made him cry and i’m not talking sweaty nose, ‘ooh these are hot.’ I’m talking actually real life unstoppable tears. I was at the buffet looking back, (you do when you’re a mum) and well I saw him having a conversation with my Daddy and out at the same time he was crying out of his right eye. 🙂 The good thing was that he loved it and it was good for him because he had the flu. He sort of had an outer body experience due to the foods spiciness and well as it numbed his system and floated him up to Cloud 9…who needs crack…he came down with a smile on his face and a heart filled with ‘I want to do it again,’ like it was a ride.

Then I let him go watch the rugby as my mum and I danced Ruby around Meadowhal, a place that her heart is far too fond off. She went INSANE. I mean it is obvious that I’d bring upa  shoppaholic, but Rube stakes it to another level. Sort of like Keiran, here excitement gets the better of her and she literally goes bonkers. She tore the Disney shop UP, then The Body Shop, then The Bear Factory..then stopepd off for a raspberry sorbet. Screamed with excitement and purchased ‘Finding Nemo’ Crocs. Okay, now I know that Crocs are sincerely a fashion crime. They should never be worn even at the most blistery times. (Note, that a true glamour puss who has hurty feet will never reveal that her feet hurt. She will simply sip a wine, down a cocktail and get on with the strut like they are two fresh daisies of joy. I’ll never take my shoes off in a club and simply because i don’t want WKD, semen and sin stuck to my kitten feet. I’d rather let them throb and perch my booty on a lap until i’m better.)

But yeah, Nemo Crocs are perfectly acceptable on children. She rocked them like a champion and showed them off like she was Arthur Fonzirelli.

We didn’t leave Meadowhall until 7pm. We shopped that much. I got home, I rested, Ruby passed out and Keiran came home drunk. 🙂

Okay, so there I am sat in a corner of the living room…on the floor because I wanted to stretch out my back and opposite me was my handsome hubby Keiran, sauced up on red wine…and drinking more, under the ‘fuck it, it’s Easter’ flag of glory. A dangerous flag. But who am I to talk. When i’m not pregnant, i’m the same…EVERY NIGHT.

Now, he was happy drunk. A bit mouthy, a bit sweary, a bit jokey, a bit rambly. But a happy drunk. However, he soon began guzzling the wine like a pirate and he slowly deteriorated. Happy drunk wined up Keiran, on the corner sofa, turned into a bit more sweary Keiran, which turned into a Keiran who was a bit more annoying and a bit more demanding, ‘GIVE ME FOOD, I WANT FOOD NOW,’ to odd Keiran, to Old Man Thompson, to joyous drunken sad Keiran, that maybe could’ve shed a few tears. It was hilarious. When he turned upset, I did the loving wife thing and just went straight up to bed without telling him. 🙂 I’m loving, yet i’ve learnt that before things turn into an argument, i need to leave the room…with love. So i did and it was a good decision as in the morning everything went back to normal and we were as happy as can be. 😉 Learning fast. Both of us. I did see that Keiran truly is loving though. He must have gone through a lot of heartache in his life and well i think i’ve made him feel both the happiest he’s ever felt and the saddest he’s ever felt all at once. I’m good like that. He’s used to holding everything in, so a good old weep is just what the doctor ordered. I do it all the time and it works. Plus, he might not of been upset over me and instead over something else…as all he kept saying on repeat was ‘all women are the same. ‘ (When men say that, it means they’ve had a hard time in relationships emotionally.) He did come up with a smart drunken bit of wisdom though and stated that instead of trying to understand women, men should just do as we say. I likey! 🙂

The next day, was filled with love and well I took Ruby to Doncaster for more shopping because she simply hadn’t gotten over how wonderful Meadowhall was. More money spent, more retail therapy successfully achieved. I came home to a very happy and very loved up hubby and it felt great.

This morning Ruby and I layed in until 10.51am. Yes! Even Rubes. Pete was coming to pick her up at 11am, so we had to speed dress and groom. She’s quite the socialite is Ruby so she was eager to ‘get gone’..she danced around gleefully singing ‘I love Daddy Pete,’ like I was some hideous Mother. Lol.

She’s done more in the last few days than most 2 year olds have done in a month.

So today, i have chill day. A break to relax and enjoy time with the hubby. It feels amazing. So roll on Bank Holiday. Life is grand.

Happy Easter Folks.

(Thankfully the catch up blog is over.)



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